What To Do When Feeling Uninspired

Inspiration is one of those funny things that seems to hit us at any moment but can also leave us completely at any moment. Anyone can become uninspired at any time about anything, work, home life or creativity. Below are a few things which I find tend to help me when I’m feeling a bit lack lustre. I’ve left this post very very broad so it can relate to a number of situations for different people.

01. Stop what you’re doing. Leave your desk/space. Take a walk and come back later. Even just going to make a cup of tea and having a chat with someone can be so helpful as it’ll mean you’ll be away from what you’re doing long enough to come back with fresh eyes. I find this always helpful when I’m trying to write, this can be anything such as essays or even blog posts. If you think this is stupid then just try it, I can guarantee that it’ll help.

02. When I’m trying to think of ideas I literally try to surround myself with things that I find inspiring. So for instance magazines, websites, books or even movies. Ideas can come from anywhere and if you’re not looking for anything but still surrounding yourself with inspiration, this is when you’re gonna get inspired. Sometimes it helps to just let things flow and see what happens.

03. Just do something. Even if you don’t know what to do or don’t want to do anything. I found that when I was struggling for ideas with shoots (when I was studying photography), the only thing that would help sometimes would be to just get my camera and take some photos, of anything and everything. Just getting creative is one way to inspire yourself. You could hate everything that you’ve done but it could still have given you ideas, started the process and gotten things going.

I hope these help even just a little bit. They are very basic but sometimes simple advice is what you need and what helps the most.