What I’ve Been Reading Recently

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Reading for me, is such a spring time/summer activity. During the lovely weather, you don’t always want to be staring at a screen and there’s nothing better than sitting in a sunny spot and getting lost in a good book. I’ve been reading quite a bit more recently than normal, and I’ve been reading more diverse titles than I normally would. I think the addition of my kindle has made it so much easier for me to read (and it’s cheaper too) as I can just browse amazon and pick anything that takes my fancy. It’s also meant that my bedside table is much more clutter free!


Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.

Now this is a book what was going around everywhere, seriously I think everyone and their mum has read this. I accidentally bought this on Amazon so I decided to read it. This book basically follows a 30 something women called Eleanor who is a little quirky, it highlights her unique personality and followers her as she trys to find her place in the world. There’s quite a lot to this story and I don’t want to give anything away. It wasn’t what I was expecting  and I did find it a little hard to get into, it just seemed a bit slow to begin with, the main character is a little hard to identify with too but I kept going. I really like the writing, and oddly how in-depth everything was. As everyone says, there is a big twist at the end (no spoilers here) but I didn’t actually think it was anything too major. It did bring another element to the story though and I did stay up at night so I could finish it.

Google Your Husband Back.

I picked this book as it was on the kindle unlimited section and I thought it sounded interesting and I was right, it was a really fun read. I loved the authors writing style too. This book follows the story of Kate, who’s husband suddenly leaves her (and their child) with no warning or notice. With help from google and her best friend, she goes on a mission to try to get her husband to come home, but there’s a few bumps along the road. This was a really quick book to read, mainly because I wanted to find out all the info. And I loved basically all the characters (apart from the husband obvs).

Little Boy Lost.

This is the most recent out of all the books that I’ve been reading. It’s not normally the type of book that I’d go for but I thought I’d give it a try. It took me a little while to get into the story, but it follows an American lawyer trying to find out what has happened to a missing boy. This book really interested me and it’s the kind that you have to keep coming back to, however I’ve actually stopped reading this at the moment in favour of another book. I’ll definitely come back to it though! I’m just the kind of person who changes their mind so easily, and I can be easily distracted. Do any of you guys ever start and stop books before you complete them?


Now, onto the titles that are on my to read list. Having a kindle is fab as most of these books were only 99p for the kindle version. I also think it makes it easier to change your mind about what you’re reading. So if you’re not enjoying a book it’s so much easier to change to another and come back to that one later. Something I do quite a lot now!

The Wildflowers.

Is this technically on my “to read” pile if I’ve actually already started reading it? I got too impatient! This book follows the story of a family, who often stay at a beach house on the Dorset coast and there’s quite a lot of issues and drama. I was also quite excited as this book kept mentioning the town that I live! Anyway, this was a bit slow at first but it’s really interesting and you just get this sense that something shocking is coming?  I’m already about half way through and I hope the ending doesn’t disappoint as I’m really enjoying this book.


Another book that I’ve stolen from Kate’s to read list, but the tag line got me! I think this book is basically about two children that die, and it’s something to do with the nanny. It does sound kind of gritty but if it’s well written it’ll be quite the thriller. It’s the kind of book I’d definitely think my sister would like to read and is probably the next book I’ll get stuck into.


Laura Jane Williams is someone that I have followed on instagram for what feels like literally years, she’s an author and lives in London and just lives the most fabulous looking life that she’s built for herself, by herself. She’s actually quite a big role model for me in a way I think. Anyway even though I literally love her, I haven’t read anything that she’s written! So I decided to to download her first book. It’s basically her story of her boyfriend of six years dumping her and marrying her best friend, she’s made it into fiction.. but it’s real life. I can’t wait to read this.


What have you been reading lately? If you have any titles that you think I’d enjoy then please share them below!