Updating My Jewellery Collection.

I’ve been after some new jewellery recently to help me continue to grow my collection. I’ve very much an earring person however, what puts me off is that a lot of jewellery can be quite expensive. Especially as you need to make sure you’re wearing good quality jewellery if you’re wearing pieces every day, as you need them to last.

I wasn’t actually thinking about jewellery recently until I popped into H&M to try and find some bits for an upcoming hen do I’m going to (needed a dress!). I stumbled across their sale section, which is actually so so good??

I picked up a few bits as I didn’t want to go too crazy. Most of the pieces I have here are more statement earrings which are why I tried to restrain myself, as I have my first and second lobes done, wearing statement earrings is fine until I want to wear something in my second holes.

A lot of the earrings that H&M sell are in packs, so you can normally get a couple of pairs for fairly cheap. I’d definitely recommend checking out their discount/sale section too as I got some really lovely pieces for really cheap.

The big chunky small hoops were £1, the sparkly teardrop style earrings were £2 and I also got a set of three different sized, dainty hoops for £2. I also did an online order with them so got another sneaky set which also included some really nice textured gold earrings, and some statement style pink square earrings as well as some hairclips. I love the big hairclip trend which is everywhere at the moment, so I can’t wait to wear these!

I definitely think H&M is up there in the quality of their jewellery too, I’ve had some smaller pieces from them which I’ve had for years!

I’m still after a few more pieces, such as studs and smaller earring which would allow me to wear earrings in my second holes with some of the bigger statement pieces that I have.

I’m actually on the lookout for jewellery to change all my piercings up with. I’m just wearing the jewellery it was pierced with at the moment, but as they’re all healed now I think I can make the switch to gold. If anyone has any recommendations!

I think I’ll check out Etsy too as they have some really lovely unique pieces.

Where is your favourite place to buy jewellery from?