An Unusual Skincare Purchase

You might be thinking that I’ve gone a bit mad as that definitely says “Nivea Men” in that photo doesn’t it?! Well I’m all about finding inspiration from anywhere and not caring who a product is aimed at, if it works then thats all that matters doesn’t it? It was a while ago now that I was told that this Nivea Men Sensitive Cooling Post Shave Balm makes an excellent primer for the skin before make up, SO long ago that I’m not quite sure where I found out this information from, however I have a feeling it was someone from youtube.

I decided to pick one up to try because why not? It might be a men’s product but it is fairly cheap (and I actually managed to get it on offer so EVEN cheaper) The fact that this is a men’s product doesn’t bother me, nor does the fact that it says “post shave” on it. I thought that the best time to use this product would be when I would use an actual primer, so after my skincare routine, after I’ve applied moisturiser and before any make up. It comes in a white, glass bottle which gives it an expensive feel but just has a screw top which can make it difficult to get the product out sometimes as you just have to tip it onto your hand and you could do too much. I only used a small amount of this, and mainly just used it across my cheeks, chin and forehead. When you apply it to your skin it does seem to get a bit tacky, especially if you keep working it in and this is where I think people have thought that it makes a good primer.

Now, it applied nicely, and because of the layers of moisturiser that I was putting on my skin, it didn’t look or feel dry at all however I think this is where the benefits from using this product stopped. I can’t say that I noticed a difference in how my make up applied to my skin or how well it lasted throughout the day as this all seemed normal. I think that if you were going to use this to prime your skin, then using it as another layer of moisturiser is the only benefit that you”d get. It’s not aimed at women and it’s not an actual primer so it’s not going to help with make up application or how long your make up lasts. But I think  that if you have sensitive skin then this could be an ideal step in your skincare routine and I think that anyone that suffers with dry skin could benefit from layering up on moisturising products like this one.

I really liked trying out this product, using something different and experimenting with it, I found the whole thing so interesting, and I especially liked using a men’s product and seeing how different it is to using a women’s product. However I think that there are better products which are more suited to me personally out there for my skincare needs. But I definitely won’t turn down using a men’s product in the future!

Have you tried any unusual or men’s skincare products before? What did you think of my little experiment? I’d love to know your thoughts! Don’t forget you can follow me on bloglovin!