Two Topshop Favourites


With the weather getting dramatically better recently (hello sun) I’ve been craving summer, tanned skin and dewy make up. I’ve recently had a bit of a shake up with the products that I’ve been using as I found that I was just reaching for the same items every day. While it’s great to have so many lovely products, I wasn’t using half the make up that I own and that was a shame as I have some lovely pieces.

I had a bit of a reshuffle recently and am loving dewy make up, the kind that is so glowy you look like a little disco ball (in a good way). I was also finding that powder blushes just weren’t applying the way I wanted them to. So I completely changed my normal make up routine and chose to apply my foundation, concealer and then a cream blusher before continuing with my normal powder and bronzer and the rest of my make up. This had such a huge impact on my make up the first day I tried it, all day I swear I was just staring at my skin.

I’ve always been a fan of Topshop make up but honestly, I think their cream blushers are such a hidden gem.

As well as changing my daily base make up, I also followered Kate’s lovely tip and lined my bottom lash line with a shimmery taupe colour. And again, this made an instant change. I swear my eyes have never looked so big. This works especially well on blue eyes as it just makes them pop but I think that everyone should try this as it’s made such a difference to my routine.

I’ve also been trying to be more subtle with my winged liner, I think that constantly wearing eyeliner and some form of a wing over the years has left me a little bored of the make up look. So instead I’ve been lining my eyes much more delicately than normal, and only doing a tiny bit of a wing out at the end. I think that this actually suits me more too. This, paired with the shimmery colour under my eyes has really changed up my make up look.

I think for the future, I’d like to focus on my skincare more, having more make up free days and experimenting with oils at night. But I also want to spend some time trying to find a base that I love, I have drugstore foundations that I really like, but I think I want to try out some high end foundations (I’m thinking maybe something from Bobbi Brown).

Have you changed up your make up recently?

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