Two New Additions To My Make up Bag


It was my 22nd birthday on Monday and as I’m a very laid back kind of gal,  all I really wanted was some nice new make up. My boyfriend was very kind and managed to pick me up some lovely little treats (I did help a tiny bit with some suggestions) and managed to surprise me along with some gorgeous flowers and balloons. I felt very spoilt, as everyone should on their birthday. 


I already had the Benefit Hoola Lite as I picked it up a few months before however as I use it almost every single day it’s running seriously low. It’s the perfect colour for me, not too dark nor too light and just adds a nice amount of glowy bronze that looks natural, but that you can also build up (without the “muddy look”) for a warmer glow if thats what you’re after. I know this will continue to be a staple in my make up bag for a long time to come as I love using it, it’s great for travelling as it’s so small and it’s also a bit of a luxury for me. It was one of my first ever items from Benefit and has made me want to try more of the brand as even though it could be considered slightly expensive, the quality of the product is so impressive. 


The Bodyshop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder was something that was completely new to me. I had seen good reviews about this particular bronzer floating around the internet however I had never used it before or even seen it in person! I asked for the palest shade, (01) and it’s a really good match for me. There’s quite a few shades available so there’s bound to be a match for everyone (including me with a tan) which I love as theres nothing more annoying than a brand who only creates a very select range of shades. 


I actually think that these two bronzers are incredible similar. They both look quite similar in colour, the Bodyshop bronzer is slightly warmer looking but once they’re on, I wouldn’t be able to tell which one I had used without remembering. 

I definitely prefer the packaging of the Bodyshop Honey Bronzer as it just seems better quality and if I dropped it, it wouldn’t smash which is a definite bonus for me.

I also think the Bodyshop bronzer looks a bit more luxe however it is actually the cheaper one out of the two as it’s only £14 compared to Benefit’s Hoola Lite which is £24.50. If you’ve not tried much Bodyshop make up before then I would definitely recommend this product and I can’t wait to try more of the brand.

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