Trying Infallible Make up


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So I recently won a giveaway (held by the wonderful Jordon – Make sure you follow her on Instagram, her photography is so dreamy) which included a ton of products from the L’oreal Infallible Range. I got quite a good selection of the products (two different Primers, two Foundations, a Blush and Highlight) and I’ve been testing them out for a good while now so I thought it was about time I shared my thoughts.

I’ve not really tried much from L’oreal before recently, now all my make up seems to come from them! I also haven’t tried many stick foundations before, I tried the Make Up Revolution Fast Base but didn’t get on with it all that well as I found it wouldn’t last for me and would tend to just highlight instead of adding coverage to blemishes. When I saw these in my package, I was really excited to test these out.

I also received the Primer Shots Luminising Primer and also the Anti-Redness Primer. Both of these are meant to transform your skin, creating the perfect base for make up. The Luminising Primer is meant to enhance the skin with its ultra-fine pearl pigments that create a super-luminous, glowing look and the Anti-Redness Primer contains green pigments to help neutralise red tones and blemishes, creating a more even looking skin tone.

I have to admit that I’m terrible with primers, I always forget to apply them as I find that make up lasts well on my skin. However, I have enjoyed trialling these. I tend to reach for the Luminising Primer more, as that is just the look that I prefer to achieve with my make up. But on days when I have some blemishes or my skin seems more tender, I apply some of the Anti-Redness Primer. I like to mix these up, using the different primers on different days, depending on my skin. Both do a pretty good job of adding a glow, creating a good base for make up and hiding redness/blemishes. I can see a difference when I apply them and I’d love to try layering them up too.

I have often applied these primers before the foundations and they work well together. I’ve also worn these foundations by themselves too, and I’d definitely recommend a primer to make them more long-lasting.

I actually really like these foundations, but they are definitely better suited to someone who likes a “natural” look. They did matt down nicely after powder, however, I just don’t find that they have that high coverage. They’re definitely light, maybe medium if you layer them. I tend to apply these with my beauty blender, however, I have also used a brush and it works well too. The brush moves the product quicker but doesn’t really change the coverage that the foundation gives.

I’ve been using the lighter shade of foundation all over my face, and also down my neck. I have the shade Natural Rose (140), I’ve used this on its own and it looks lovely. It looks quite heavy once you first apply it but it blends out so well. I always tend to go in with a concealer afterwards but many people could probably get away without this step. I just like a higher coverage, especially in certain, troublesome areas.

I have also experimented with using the darker shade of foundation as a contour, I have the shade Cappuccino (210) and I’ve been placing it down the sides of my nose, cheekbones, forehead, chin and temples. The usual places that I would apply bronzer. I used to apply the two foundations next to each other, not over the top. However, I found that this technique actually worked better if the darker foundation had something underneath it. I liked experimenting with this technique, but I found that the product would move to my hairline a lot, and not actually create much of a contour on my face. I think this shade is a bit too warm for my skin too. I actually also just prefer using powders to add shape to my face so lately I’ve been skipping this step.


I have also found that the blush and highlight had the same kind of effect as the darker foundation, if I applied them on top of the foundation, they would kind of just disappear a bit. They are very natural. This is nice in a way, I’m not a big blush person and I found that this shade added a nice, small amount of pink tint to my skin. The colour that I have is Sexy Flush (001) and I do like the colour, it’s like a blush pink that doesn’t have any shimmer in it. I did have some trouble building the colour up and making it noticeable on my skin though but if you like the natural look, these are perfect for you.

The highlight that I got is in the shade Slay In Rose (503) and I think this works nicely as a subtle highlight, if you apply just a small amount, it gives you that dewy look. It’s not heavy but I’d say you can definitely build the product up. It’s got a bit of a rose tint to it, which is why I think it looks nice on the skin. I try not to just swipe either of these products on and I make sure to blend with my beauty blender. I’ll sometimes even use my fingers, pat it on and blend out. These two products allow you to look so dewy and natural so you want to make sure you blend everything to continue the natural look.

I was really impressed with each product that I tried, I think they work well for someone who likes the dewy, natural look. They blend well, are buildable and I think will work well for summer. I definitely like the idea of foundation “sticks” more now after using these and I think the Luminising Primer is one of my favourite products that I’ve tried out of all of them.

I would definitely recommend these products, I think they work well and are reasonably priced too. I’d really glad I got the chance to try out some lovely bits from this range. I have tried quite a bit of make up from L’oreal recently, which used to be a brand that I really wasn’t too fussed about before. I have been really enjoying using more/different make up (and brands) recently as I find it’s easy to fall into the trap of using the same products every day.

If you’ve tried anything from this range before I’d love to know. What would you most like to try?