Trying CYO Cosmetics.

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I was recently in the market for a new foundation as for some reason all my make up seems to run out at once, which gives me the perfect excuse to go shopping. Although I’d love to try some Nars foundations, my budget doesn’t really stretch that far at the moment (the joys of my partner and I living off one wage and not being allowed to claim benefits!).

I headed to Boots as I had a voucher leftover from Christmas and I picked up a new concealer (my favourite: Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer) and I’m just dealing with my eyeliner that’s still running low, it’ll have to wait until next month!

However, I asked on Instagram if anyone had any recommendations for good foundations and a few people mentioned CYO. I’m always a bit nervous to try out new foundations as at the moment, I only have one foundation at the moment when normally I have about 3 on the go at once! I think I paid around £7.50 for it, so it hardly broke the bank. I normally spend around £9 on my usual Rimmel foundation.

I normally have no trouble shopping at Boots but this stand, in particular, hadn’t been looked after at all. There were so many foundations bottles that had been opened, which I don’t really understand as that’s what the testers are for?!

The bottle feels a bit small (but would be perfect for travelling) however it has this amazing pump which pushes the whole product inside the bottle up. I love this as it means you use all the product. I have tried to scrape out the last little bits of foundation from various bottles too many times over the years so I think this is genius. The thing that does annoy me about this foundation is that the bottle (and especially the lid) gets so so dirty. You can see this a little bit in the images above.

I have tried this foundation using both a brush (from Real Techniques) and my BeautyBlender, both of which work really well. I think when I use a brush, it does tend to sit on the skin for slightly longer though. The BeautyBlender helps me achieve that flawless finish and it’s my preferred method of applying foundation anyway.

I don’t think the coverage is too heavy or too little. It is basically my perfect finish, it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a mask but not too light that you have to go crazy with concealer. On the bottle it says it’s “Lifeproof” and whilst I don’t think any foundation could possibly be lifeproof, I do think it lasts quite a while on my skin. I’m not sure how it would work on oily skin as mine’s quite normal/on the dryer side.

This comes in 15 shades (which is quite impressive for a drugstore brand) and it has some good reviews online. I love discovering new brands and I think I’d love to try a bit more from CYO Cosmetics.

What do you think of this foundation? Have you tried anything from CYO before?