Travel: How To Pack Light Every Time.

I used to be so bad at packing. I think it stemmed from not really going away much when I was younger. I felt like I needed everything I usually had to feel like ‘me’ and to get ready. I think breaking out of your usual routine can be so needed but I didn’t embrace that when I started going away more, I just tried to bring all the stuff that I “needed’ with me when in reality I didn’t half of what I was packing.

I’m much more laid back when it comes to trips away now. Anything that’s essential comes with me, but anything that I’m bringing “just in case” gets left behind. I think becoming more comfortable with traveling helps.. and also, knowing that if you do need it, you can buy it there.

Something that has really helped me, is planning out my outfits. It takes a bit of thought before you leave as you have to take into account the weather, what you’ll be doing and how you’re traveling (so you can decide if you want comfy shoes for instance). This has changed how I pack as I used to just throw various pieces of clothing into a bag and hope it made up an outfit, which I would decide on when there! Obviously it’s good to have some options, like bringing at least one pair of trousers or a cardigan if the weather can be unpredictable but otherwise, planning out what you want to wear really works if you want to pack lightly.

I also try to re-wear items, for a short trip away this will probably be quite easy but if you’re really limited for space then it makes a massive difference. Think basics, like a shirt or vest thats perfect for layering or a staple pair of jeans which will go with everything.

I also really try to make use of all the little samples of products that normally get ignored. My sister always has some small travel bottles which she likes using but I much prefer collecting samples and using them for traveling. I feel like it just allows me to have a complete break from my normal routine and I get to try some new products too. The sample sizes of products are also so small that you can often take two or three and still have more space than you would if you packed a normal-sized product.

I try to keep my make up simple and pack the products that I normally use (and I’ll try to take a palette which I know includes a blush or an eyebrow and eyeshadow palette in one to minimise the need for bulky items) but I’ll collect and use samples for pretty much everything else, like shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, and shower gel. Also, most hotels will provide these too so you could risk it and not take anything. I have been caught out this way though!

Normally, for a short trip away, Elliot and I can share a suitcase and we have my handbag (which is either a crossbody or a tote bag) for anything extra and his backpack if needed. I think this suits us quite well, it just really depends on where we’re staying and what we’re up to if we can pack light. I find that clothing and toiletries can be easy to pack lightly now but things like a hairdryer (if we know the hotel won’t have one) and shoes often take up the most space. I also try to separate our clothes out as much as possible in the suitcase to make it easier. I want to invest in some packing cubes so let me know if you use them and think they’re worth it.

I actually enjoy packing light now, it’s so much simpler for us both and doesn’t cause so much stress, it also makes unpacking when you come back so much easier.

Have you got any packing tips?