Tips for Living in a Small Space.

So some of you might be aware that towards the end of last year, Elliot and I moved out of our flat and back into my parents house. This wasn’t an easy decision to make by any means but a necessary one.

Moving back meant that we would be living in one room, and that room had to become our whole flat in one. It’s our lounge, bedroom, living space, a dressing area, wardrobe and desk space all in one.

It’s definitely not an easy thing to do and it’s quite hard at times but luckily we had the option to do this and we are just trying to make the most of what space we do have.

Make the most of your space

You need to make sure that you’re making the most of the space that you do have. This is something we should have done a lot sooner as when we moved in, we just put things in places without giving the area any proper thought. It was just a case of fitting things in. Now once we realised this was a long team solution, I decided to change some of our furniture and sell anything that we couldn’t use. Luckily it meant that we could free up some space and gave us a little bit of money towards new stuff too.

I would recommend assessing the area that you’re using. You can do this straight away or live in the space for a bit first to figure out what’s working and what needs to change. Figure out whats important to you indivually or as a couple.

Our situation was a bit unique as I left my job, so that meant our room was where I was spending 99% of my time. Making that space functional was really important to us both.

We have a sofa that we didn’t want to get rid of as it gives us another area in the room to relax in and this was essential to us so we were using our room and not just sitting/watching tv from the bed. However, if your space is small or this isn’t a necessity for you, then pay attention to areas which you do want to focus on.

Would you prefer to make the bed the feature of the room and treat it as a proper bedroom. Or like us, do you need to separate those two areas out? Would a sofa bed be more functional?

Keep everything tidy

This is essential and probably my number one tip. There’s nothing that makes a place look worse than clutter. I have tried to make sure that everything has it’s space so our surfaces are clear and tidy.

I try to make sure we hang our clothes up after using them and put anything in the washing basket that needs to be washed. I put things away after using them and also deal with letters when they arrive. I’m a tidy person anyway and even living in our flat I tried to keep everything tidy as it just makes any space look better, but especially in a small space when you perhaps don’t have much surface space, you don’t want them to be covered in mess!

a white surface with two wood prints on top. Line images pints. A leaf across the bottom left corner and a candle and trinkets on a book is the focus of the image

A functioning space

bedroom snap cushions a plant on a bedside table

Think about what needs to change to make your space function better for you. So for instance, we used to have some Alex drawers that sat in our cupboard, they started getting in the way in there as I found the cupboard was the perfect space for all our miscellaneous items. I bought them out and continued to use them until the stuff we wanted to put in them wasn’t fitting in and everything was a bit of a mess. I thought a sideboard with baskets would function better for us as a couple instead of drawers for all the bits we wanted to put in it, so hair products and tools, my make up and tablets and all the random items you need to get ready, like deodorants etc.

I sold the Alex drawers and put the money towards a sideboard and picked up some baskets from Ikea. It’s now a much better space for us both to get ready, it’s thinner than the drawers which jutted out, gives us more space inside and an extra surface ontop which I love styling.

Minimalist but not boring

I think when you’re living in a small space, you have to keep everything quite minimalistic, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Keep your surfaces free of clutter but jazz them up with prints and trinkets that are too pretty to hide away. Put a nice rug down and cover your sofa/bed with pillows and throws which will add texture and personality, you can also easily keep switching these up. Add a shelf above your tv/bed and put more prints and artwork and plants on it. Use lighting to keep everything soft and atmospheric.

I think the best way to add personality and interest to a room is with the styling. Cushions, throws, prints, artwork and plants not only add texture but they can brighten up a room and make it somewhere cosy that you want to be.

Do you live in a small space? Do you have any space saving tips?