Things I Want To Make More Time For

After watching Esteé Lalonde’s video I felt inspired to create my own post about things which I want to make more time for and share these to hopefully inspire some of you too. Coming into adulthood I have found myself getting busier and busier and letting the things which I enjoy doing just for me slip away and putting other things first. While this is sometimes necessary I do think it’s always important to look after yourself and take some time to do things which you enjoy.

Me Time

One thing which I would like to make some more time for is looking after myself. This is something which should be done everyday but sadly most of the time doesn’t as other seemingly more important things get in the way. Whether it’s spending half an hour painting my nails, buying some magazines or books to read with a cup of tea or booking in to have my hair cut I want to make sure that I remember to pamper myself every so often.

Going Offline

Much like one of the points in Esteé’s video, I think most people could benefit from turning technology off for a while. We are in a world which is overrun with phones, laptops and TV’s so it is completely refreshing to spend some a little bit of time, even the afternoon away from them.Whether thats just reading a book instead of staring at the TV or hanging out with family I always find myself much happier when I’ve been away from my phone or computer for a while.


Being a photography student I am surrounded by photography all the time, whether it’s creating work for shoots or researching into other photographers. Lately I have realised that I don’t create much personal work away from uni anymore so this is something that I would like to change. I think this blog could really help with this, I am also looking to invest in a smaller camera so I can take it around with me a lot more which will make it easier for me to capture images.


This is something which I used to do a lot however it has changed in recent months as I’ve become busier so instead of cooking meals I enjoy I generally go for the easiest, quickest option! I’m not the best chef in the world but I do enjoy creating/making dishes and I love a lot of flavour in my food. Instead of ordering takeaways I should definitely cook for myself more as it would benefit me health wise while also saving me money and is some much more satisfying. 


This one is something which I definitely need to do more of. I would love to get out the house a bit more and exercise as it is something which obviously has various health benefits and is something which I really enjoy to do once I get the motivation to do it! Even just taking my dog for a gentle relaxing walk or putting on a yoga video would be a good place to start.

These are a few things which I want to make more time for, what are yours? 

Madi x