The Unique Brand Inspiring You To Think About Your Period.

AD – This post contains PR Products.

I was contacted by Yoppie recently to try out their products and share my relationship with my period. Yoppie is a personalised period brand, designed for real life. It’s delivered directly to you, via their letterbox friendly packaging.

On average, Yoppie found that women from the UK spend more money on their beauty routines than they do their health! That’s crazy, right? But actually, I completely fall into that category.

It’s not something to feel shameful about, lots of women don’t pay particular attention to their period as it’s just something that “happens” to them. For some women, it can be a complicated and painful part of their life sometimes made more difficult with conditions like Endometriosis and for others, it lasts a few days and they barely notice.

Your period is completely personal to you, no two women will be the same yet all period products are marketed the same. It is up to you to invest in making time for a menstrual health routine just like you’d do with your skincare or make up routine.

I have never really had a complicated relationship with my period. I count myself very lucky that I don’t have any conditions that would make my periods more severe. When I was in my teenage years (sobbing, that I can say that I’m not!), my period was just something that happened to me and I just felt so annoyed really as it was something that just… got in the way? Not in any *sexual* terms, but when you’re younger, it seems like this big thing that comes along which you have no control over and ruins your plans. No one really wants to bleed for a week, do they?!

It’s only since I’ve gotten older, that I feel like I’ve fallen more into a routine with my period. which isn’t easy, it comes from years of experience and trialling different period products.

For me, when that week comes around, I use it as a sign to really take good care of myself. It’s like a reminder to slow down, eat healthy and drink water. Obviously, it might be good for me to spend a morning in bed or get up and go for a slow walk. It’s all about listening to what your body and mind need and putting those needs into actions.

I think it also comes down to not being on any hormones. I used to be on the pill for a long time. As I’m sure many of you are aware, the period that you have whilst on the pill isn’t a “real” period. I was on the pill for so long that I just felt my body was too used to it and it wasn’t doing me any good anymore. After my own personal surgeries, I wanted to take control of my own body and experience going hormone-free for a while. It’s been about three years since that decision and I haven’t looked back.

With brands like Yoppie, they’ve come along to challenge us, to make us think about our periods and our health care and this is what we need. If you’re looking for brands such as Yoppie, it probably means you’re exploring that relationship with your period already and aren’t just settling for the standard products that period brands are offering.

I think what a lot of people don’t realise is just how bad period products can actually be for your body. It’s that kind of “hush-hush” stigma around period products that has caused many women to often opt for the wrong product or the cheapest. Not only is this bad for our bodies, but it’s bad for the environment too. I think a lot of people would be shocked by the chemicals used to manufacture non-organic period care.

Yoppie has definitely come along and filled that gap within the menstrual health market, allowing women the option to purchase high quality, organic period products in a convenient way via their subscription service, and letterbox friendly packaging.

I think that making sure your period products work for you is one of the most important things you can do for your body.

Have you heard of Yoppie before? Will you be trying their Subscription service?