The Strawberry Cocktail That’s ​Perfect For Summer.

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I say this is a cocktail but it’s more a kind of milkshake/cocktail hybrid. It is also absolutely delicious and just the drink to brighten up any boring Monday.

I was recently sent the Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream Tequila which is unlike any other Tequila as you can use it in recipes and drinks. It gives the perfect strawberry flavour with a bite (that’ll be the Tequila) and it’s also pink, what’s not to love?

I’ve used the Tequila in this recipe to create the perfect summer cocktail. They are basically milkshakes but they have that boozy twist which makes them perfect for this time of year when you might want more of a treat.

To make these, I very loosely followed this recipe and added my own twist.

As you can see, I don’t really use measurements as it’s mainly all done by eye, you can use whatever quanities you want this way and make it perfect for your own personal taste.


Vanilla Ice Cream



Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream Tequila


Whipped Cream

Chocolate (I used Bourbon Biscuits for crunch)

To start, I used two similar glasses and put them in the freezer just to get them a little chilled. I then blended up the ice cream, strawberries, ice, and tequila. I added milk gradually to get to my desired consistency.

I put the milkshake into the glasses, top with whipped cream and crushed some of the biscuits on top! You can play around with the toppings (or have none at all) and you can easily make this a tiny bit healthier if you wish.

It can be served as a dessert or as a daytime treat! What do you think of this cocktail recipe? Is it something you’d try?

There are tons of recipes on the Tequila Rose website, this Tequila is so versatile as it can be added to drinks or used on it’s own. I really want to try it over ice!

-Always Drink Responsibly-