The Soap Brow Trend.

I wanted to do a little post on the soap brow trend as I actually really like it. It’s how I do my brows now, I don’t think I’d go back to doing them any other way.

I’ve definitely changed how I like to do my make up over the years, I always opt for more of a natural look now (definitely not something you would have heard from me years ago!). I like my make up to look laid back, it’s also got to be quick and easy for every day. So I still look like “me” but slightly more glam…

I’ve included some photos below of my brows before, during with just soap on them (still drying) and after when I’ve defined them a bit more with some brow powder on any gaps.

There are tons of tutorials online on youtube showing how to achieve soap brows. I find it quite easy to get the hang of. You just need to make sure you use soap that dries clear and a couple of spoolies. You also need to make sure you’re allowing your brows to fully dry before finishing them off with powder as otherwise, you end up with a bit of a mess.

There’s no denying it definitely makes my brows look a lot more polished. It’s got a very distinctive “brow lamination” look to it but I quite like it. I also find the soap makes them darker which means I don’t have to dye them quite as much.

I think you can go overboard with this trend but like anything, less is more. I love how fluffy and full they look and I couldn’t get that any other way. I only use brow powder to define the edge of my brow underneath but I know some people like to use concealer to do this too.

I personally like to put my face make up on before doing my brows so that once they’re in place I don’t end up moving them. They’re also tacky for a while before they dry because of the soap so doing your base make up first means nothing sticks to your brows.

I use Pears Soap as it’s the only one I could find in the shops thats transparent. It’s also really inexpensive. The spoolies I use are the cheap ones you can get from eBay or Amazon. However, I would like to find a more sustainable alternative to these (they’re plastic).

Have you tried the soap brow trend? What are your thoughts on it?