The New “Mellow Mint” Flavour Microtea From Waterdrop.

AD – This post contains PR Products.

As you know, I’ve been a big fan of Waterdrop products for a while now, I’m also lucky enough to be on their PR list so I get to try out a lot of their fabulous new releases every now and again.

They’re such a lovely company who have made big changes to the tea market with their “Microteas” which have completely recyclable packaging and don’t require a tea bag, meaning they’re great for on the go.

They’ve recently brought out a new flavour, called “Mellow Mint“. Straight away, from the name I could tell this was going to be a great flavour. I’m such a big fan of mint teas, they’re great for you and taste really refreshing. I’m normally a peppermint tea drinker but this flavour has definitely converted me.

It’s very “mellow” as the name suggests with flavours of mint, lemon verbena and also apple. It’s very warming and refreshing. It’s definitely something that’s better enjoyed hot (but there’s nothing wrong with having it cold).

Waterdrop very kindly sent me over a package containing a few of their other popular flavours as well, including Fruit Fusion, Oriental Spice and White Blossom.

I love a lot of their teas as I find them so easy and convenient for travelling (they take up no space!). I love the Oriental spice Flavour as it has some heat to it and I love a ginger tea – I definitely prefer “spicy” teas to fruit ones but Waterdrop definitely has something for everyone.

I drink a lot of coffee so I always switch to tea further into the day to change it up – I also always have a peppermint tea or two after dinner in the evenings as I find it the perfect drink to wind down with. I’ve actually found myself reaching for this Mellow Mint tea over my normal peppermint!

I think this is a great “starter” tea if you’re wanting to explore the world of herbal teas as it’s got a fruity edge, but it’s very mellow and not overpowering.

Waterdrop also have a great selection of accessories if you’re after a new water bottle or tea tumbler. Everything they come out with is just SO pretty too and I always find myself browsing their website.

Have you tried anything Waterdrop before?