The Magic Mask Trio.

AD – This post contains gifted products as part of an ongoing brand relationship.

Introducing The Magic Mask Trio…

It’s no secret that I am the biggest fan of Freshly Cosmetics. I use their products every day without fail and they v v kindly like to send me quite a lot of their new releases. They have recently launched a whole load of amazing face masks which I wanted to share with you today.

Their Magic Mask Trio combines three facial masks perfect to treat, nourish, revitalise, soothe and purify your skin.

The pack includes the Energy C, an antioxidant facial mask that includes a large concentration of vitamin C and antioxidants; the innovative Cherry Blossom mask, which repairs, nourishes, treats the most sensitive skin thanks to an extraordinary combination of salicornia, vivacious, Mexican agastache and microalgae; and finally, the Emerald Clay Facial Mask, a purifying facial mask formulated with active charcoal, clays, seaweed, and plant enzymes that manages to clean, purify and control sebum secretion.

I haven’t used these masks too much yet but I can share my first impressions. The Emerald Clay Facial Mask is very bit how you’d expect a clay mask to be, a very firm consistency which goes on really smoothly and dries down. This mask is the one you want if you need help with blemishes (which I definitely do). The Cherry Blossom Facial Mask is probably the one that smells the best.. as it smells absolutely delicious (but don’t worry, I won’t be eating it!). It’s got a very light, uplifting scent and is the one I’d pop on in the evening after a pamper to help calm and soothe my skin. Both the Cheery Blossom Facial Mask and the Energy C Facial Mask have a very light, bouncy, almost whipped like texture.

All three masks (like all of Freshly Cosmetics products) are suitable for sensitive skin as they’re made from high-quality ingredients and they’re also suitable for vegans.

Each face mask comes in a glass pot (as always, all their products are environmentally packaged). You can use them however you want, by themselves or you could try out the new way to treat skin concerns; multimasking. This is where you combine the three Freshly Cosmetics masks. The great thing about multimasking is that it allows you to nourish and pamper your skin at the same time using the different masks to target different areas.

The Magic Mask Trio is also currently on offer so why not treat your skin and grab yourself a bargain?

What do you think of the Magic Mask Trio? Have you tried multimasking before?