The Best Sleeping Position To Improve Your Quality Of Sleep.

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that sleeping on my front is realllly bad for me. It’s actually quite bad for you in general even if it’s the elite sleeping position – Elliot always finds it weird that I even find that position comfy but I have been a front-sleeper for years. However, it is incredibly bad for your spine, back and neck as it causes a strain on these areas. 

Not only is it bad for your spine but it can also cause more internal issues too, like bad indigestion.

As well as the issues above, its also bad for your facial structure (as pushing your face into a pillow for 8+ hours a night is just gonna be!) and can cause and aggravate acne and wrinkles. Having a silk or satin pillowcase can help prevent this. I have used silk pillowcases in the past and I would try them again as although I didn’t notice a big difference in reduced wrinkles, I think my made my hair last longer between washes and were so lovely and cool to sleep on! 

So the big thing that made me research sleeping positions was that I was finding that although I started the night being incredibly comfy, it wouldn’t last and I would often toss and turn throughout the night, leading to me waking up feeling unrested… and often grumpy!. 

I started looking into what sleeping position is best and it came up time and time again that sleeping on your back is the healthiest position for you. Some of the benefits are that it keeps your spine aligned, reduces tension headaches, helps chronic conditions by reducing pressure and compression, relieves sinus build-up and helps to avoid creases, wrinkles, acne and irritated facial skin.  

Obviously, you have to think about your own situation too, as if you’re pregnant this isn’t the position for you. Similarly, if you have conditions such as sleep apnoea or back pain, this position can actually make those conditions worse. 

Some of my top tips to help you sleep on your back are; 

01. Put a pillow under your knees and (if you sleep alone) try to create a pillow dam and block yourself in. That way it prevents you from turning in the night. It also helps keep your spine aligned and reduces the stress on your knees and back. 

It’s comfortable though and stops you from easily being able to roll over to sleep on your side or back. I actually think I prefer having a pillow under my knees now! 

02. I’ve found that if I sleep on my back, the every day environment lights (like the strips of lights from under a door, the tv light to show it’s on stand by or a charger glow) will annoy me. I think sleeping on my front meant I faced away from all this but now I sleep on my back, it’s all quite annoying and in my face. 

The simple act of having an eye mask on not only prevents these annoying lights from distracting you from sleeping but also actually helps you trick your brain into keeping still. Which also means that you won’t accidentally turn over onto your side in the night or toss and turn at night (as much). There are also some really lovely designs out there. I have a silk one which was sent to me but you can get cooling ones or heated ones! 

03. Another tip that I have is try to wait until you’re ridiculous tired to train yourself to sleep on your back. I found it works best this way as it tricks you into thinking that’s the position you have chosen and WANT to sleep in. Obviously, any kind of sleep is better than no sleep so if you have to lay in another position then do. But the benefits of sleeping on your back are really worth the effort of training yourself to do it! 

What is your preferred sleeping position?!