The Best Products to use for a Skincare Hydration Boost.

AD – This post contains PR Products.

It’s no secret that my skin gets dry. I actually think it’s because I overuse oily products that don’t allow my skin to produce the correct amount of oil to hydrate my face, as I’ve already hydrated it. There are lots of skincare woes that involve getting too much or not enough hydration. However, I think I’ve found a bit of a balance with my skincare… yes, I still have a long way to go but I like to inject moisture into my skin via my skincare routine not just from one single moisturising product.

When it comes to cleansing my face, I like to use something simple in texture that adds hydration and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. I usually use something exfoliating at night so in the morning it’s all about cleansing my skin and making sure it’s nice and hydrated. A few products that make excellent morning cleansers include pretty much anything from Elemental Herbology as I find they make really hydrating products. The two cleansers that I use regularly from them are their Age Support Bio-Cellular Super Cleanse and their Radiance & Vitality Vital Facial Cleanser.

Both of these cleansers are hydrating in their texture and they don’t dry out my skin. I like to use these cleansers in the morning to really set up my skin for the day so it’s vital that I use something good. A tip that I have is that I don’t dry my face all the way after cleansing. I pat it dry with a clean towel until my face has stopped dripping and isn’t soaking wet but is still damp. I then use my moisturiser whilst my skin is still damp as I read that this is good for your skin, instead of it being dry from the cleanser. You’re essentially locking in moisture this way and it really works, I don’t get that dry, tight feeling after cleansing my face anymore.

Another cleanser that I have been really enjoying recently is the TempleSpa Deep Cleansing Melt. This is a really lovely product as it’s a very thick feeling balm that melts instantly into your skin as you massage it (it reacts to the warmth). It’s very nourishing and is a great cleanser to use if you want a deep cleanse, such as if you’ve been sweating at the gym or wearing heavy make up. This has been one of my favourite cleansers to use lately and I really enjoy massaging it into my skin to deeply cleanse my face and hydrate it at the same time. I guarantee that you’ll like this product!

Now onto moisturisers, this is the standard way that people add moisture to their skin and it’s definitely the most mainstream way BUT it’s not the only way. If you’re into your skincare then I would highly recommend looking into what cleansers you’re using, the way you’re using them and if there are any other things you could be introducing into your skincare routine, like serums.

That being said, I think a good moisturiser that’s suitable for your skin is essential in any routine. Two of my favourite moisturisers at the moment are the TempleSpa Moisture To Go Balancing Moisturiser and the Elemental Herbology Oil Control Moisture Milk. Both of these Moisturisers are hydrating but not heavy and always leave my skin feeling fresh. I don’t get that tight skin feeling but they also don’t leave my skin feeling greasy. If you’re after something that lingers a bit more then I’d say these aren’t for you as they sink in well. However, I do think that they’re really good moisturisers that are perfect before make up as they prep your skin. You can also follow up with something like a serum if you’re after a bit more moisture. I would also like to say that I only use both of these moisturisers in the morning/during the day as I do like something a bit more ‘heavy’ at night. I also apply serums at night which counteracts these light moisturisers.

A couple of other products that I find helpful to have in my routine include the Nivea 1 Minute Detox Mask. They have a few different varieties of these masks but if you can find the blue one (pictured above) then you’re in luck. It’s a thick cream that you pop on your skin for one minute, leave to soak in and then you wipe off and continue with your skincare routine. I find these are great as they’re such a good treatment for your skin in such little time, you can never moan that you don’t have time for skincare! These are also great to use in the morning for a little skincare boost!

Another product that I find good for hydrating my skin is the Dermalogica Hydro Masque Exfoliant. This is a hydrating and exfoliating masque that I find great to use in the morning. It feels a little bit scrubby but it’s really gentle – you massage your skin for about 2 minutes until the little ‘beads’ disappear and then allow it to sit on your skin for a further few minutes. I find this masque really hydrating and it makes my skin glowy too. It’s gentle enough to use in the morning without stripping my skin of its hydration. My skin always feels lovely after use!

What are your favourite hydrating products?