The Best Products for Achieving Flawless Brows at Home.

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I’ve been complimented on my eyebrows a good few times now, and it’s always the nicest compliment as half the time they’re hidden by my fringe! I also regularly do my eyebrows at home. I’m very laid back about this part of my beauty routine but I do think that having strong eyebrows can really help frame your face and complete a look.

I like to keep my brow routine simple. I only apply make up when I’m in the mood/going somewhere and I want to look nice, which is when I would use the soap brow method to shape my eyebrows and make them look fuller. I also might apply some brow product, such as a dark eyeshadow on a small brush, if they need to be bolder. Most of the time I do prefer the natural look and I think this is because I always make sure they’re tidy, trimmed and I also regularly tint them at home. I think tinting is what makes the biggest difference and is the one thing I would recommend you do if you’re looking to achieve more flawless brows.

A few of the tools I use include Spoolies, Tweezers, Nail Scissors and also my Hollywood Browzer. I use an at-home eyebrow tinting kit to darken and tint my brows and also Pear soap for styling.

Spoolies are really important in my eyes as they’re something that is essential when you’re grooming or styling your brows. There are other brushes you could use out there but nothing quite grabs my brows as a spoolie can. If you don’t know what a spoolie is, they’re a very small brush that is similar to a mascara wand. You would most noticeably see make up artists using them as they’re disposable which makes them perfect for use on clients. I would strongly recommend getting Eco-Friendly spoolies (such as these Bamboo ones) as they are so much better for the environment (if you throw them away regularly). I have used spoolies for years and have most of the original ones I bought as they last such a long time. I use these for styling, grooming and also when I’m tinting my brows so they are essential!

Tweezers and nail scissors are also some of the most important tools I use when grooming my eyebrows. I pluck my brows as I find it easy for me and my lifestyle. I would be interested in waxing (and this is something I am looking into) but it has to be something I can do at home. I have had my eyebrows waxed and tinted at a salon before and if I’m honest, although the beautician was lovely, I wasn’t blown away by the results. If I can achieve good results and groomed brows at home for cheaper, I’m going to do it! I like to keep on top of my eyebrows but ever so often I will just let them grow and then have a big reshape, tidying them up. I also use the Nail Scissors once every two weeks or so to just trim the length of my brow hairs down as they can get a bit unruly. This is a personal preference of course but I do prefer them looking a bit neater so I do like to trim them. Please DO NOT attempt trimming your brows with normal scissors, nail scissors are small, precise and sharp which makes them perfect for eyebrows. It also goes without saying that I only use these for my brows.

A tool that is new to me but that I have been absolutely loving is my Hollywood Browzer. These are used for multiple things including eyebrow shaping, hair removal and dermaplaning. These handy little tools remove hair whilst gently exfoliating your skin. They’re pain-free and don’t cause redness or irritation. What I love about this tool is that there’s no need for cream, water or batteries. You unfold your Browzer, use it at a 45-degree angle on clean dry skin and use short strokes. It sounds very bizarre if you haven’t come across a tool like this before but I can recommend them. I regularly dermaplan my face so I’m used to these tools but they are also so good at removing light, unwanted hair from around your brows too. I find using the soap brow method can highlight some of the lighter hair around your face/brows but using this tool completely gets rid of even light, small hairs.

I have a code for Hollywood Browzer which gets you 20% off – just use MADISON20 at the check out.

As I’ve mentioned above, I like to tint my brows at home too. I think this makes one of the biggest differences to my eyebrows/face and it definitely makes getting ready quicker as I don’t have to spend time shaping/filling in my eyebrows as they’re already done! Tinting your brows lasts for around 2-3 weeks and you can get a lot of use out of one kit. I have used the Eylure Dybrow Tinting Kit before which I highly recommend (it lasted me ages) but I’ve also seen a lot of positive reviews of the Mylee Professional Eyebrow & Lash Tint Kit and also the Lotus Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting Kit (just remember I haven’t used either of the latter). There are plenty of home-dye kits out there which offer lasting results. If you’ve never tinted your brows before then I’d recommend giving it a go, it’s fun, easy to do at home and makes a big difference.

The last item that I like to use is Pear Soap to style my brows. I use pear soap as it’s cheap and easy but it really doesn’t have to be this brand, it just has to be a soap that dries transparent. This is really important – I have got a post up already all about the Soap Brow Method, I know it’s not for everyone but it’s a cheap and easy way of doing your eyebrows which I love. There are so many expensive eyebrow products out there that offer the same style that I can achieve with a bar of soap… So, of course, I’m going to choose the soap!

I hope this post was helpful! What products do you use for your brows?