The Best Kit For Easy Gel Nails At Home.

One of the things I miss is having nice nails. I stopped getting acrylics or gel nails for a while (even before lockdown) as I wanted to cut some expenses. I found that even if you go to a lovely nail place, they can be quite costly. Obviously, you pay for what you get, so it’s better to go to a really good salon than somewhere on the cheaper side, but I just found the expense was something I could live without for a while.

Fast forward to lockdown 3.0 and at-home gel kits are a BIG thing. It’s obvious that other people are missing nail salons so have decided to learn how to do gel nails at home! I was, of course, one of these people and actually asked Elliot for a gel kit for my birthday.

It’s been just over a month since I’ve been doing my nails at home now, and I have to say. Practice definitely makes perfect! Mylee is a big brand which I know a lot of people rave about, however, even with the ease of doing them at home, I did find that brand incredibly expensive (you’ve really got to weigh up what’s important to you, I know a lot of people have kits from Mylee and they say they’re worth the money).

I instead, chose to purchase everything separately (via Amazon) and you can actually save money this way, the kits are great for getting everything in one go but keep an eye out for offers on individual things, like the polishes or the nail lamp.

I have the Black Nailstar Professional LED Lamp which has a variety of timers and is also pedicure friendly. It’s compact enough that it doesn’t take up a lot of room when I store it and it’s also LED. Remember, UV light isn’t good for you if you’re exposing your skin to it regularly. I would always suggest looking for something LED instead, which are safe to use and also cure your nails quicker too.

I have many of my polishes from the brand Beetles. Now, these are the only gel polishes that I have so I don’t have any experience of using other brands. However, Beetles are not only quite inexpensive but they seem really good quality and have a wide variety of colours available.

I have the “Holiday” Gel Nails set at the moment which includes six colours (Burgandy Red, Champagne Gold, Snow White, Nude, Grey and a sliver glitter).

I wanted to start off with a simple colour set which would last me for a good while and this definitely has. I’m always a fan of a nude nail but this set, even though it only has six colours has given me a bit of variety without having “too much choice”… is that even a thing? I can say it’s a very addicting hobby and I love changing up my nail polish every week or so.

I haven’t been doing gel nails for long enough to really offer too many tips on what works best, but definitely make sure to buff your nails first and always apply thin coats, curing in-between each coat.

I can do a more in-dept post if anyone wanted? Do you do your own nails at home?