The Best Dermalogica Products & The Amazing Difference They’ve Made to My Skin.

AD – This post contains PR Products.

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a Dermalogica fangirl. They are priced on the higher end of the skincare market but they are so innovative with their products, packaging and formulas. Most of what they bring out, I really enjoy using and I don’t really have any negative feedback for the brand!

They’re a brand I can trust and my skin seems to really respond to their products.

It is worth noting that I am on the PR List for Dermalogica which means I get sent new products from them every so often. However, I would never promote something that I didn’t like, use or think highly of. If you look closely in the images you can even see how some of my products are a bit worst for wear (the wording and labels rubbing off) which proves how much I use these products!

I wanted to put together a little guide of some of the products that I’ve used and loved from them. I thought this would be handy for anyone wanting to explore their products!

Daily Microfoliant –

This is something that I feel like I shouldn’t like… but I really do. The only reason I wish I didn’t like this is that I always tend to turn to liquid exfoliants rather than powder ones. However, this products is super gentle and perfect for daily use. It never leaves my skin feeling tight or dry and you can tailor your exfoliating needs by only using a small amount and making sure you add a lot of water to it. I love the fact that it’s a rice-based powder – no harmful beads in sight.

Hydro Masque Exfoliant –

Another of my favourite products! This is a super quick, masque which instantly brightens my skin. You massage a small amount all over for about two minutes until the spheres disappear and then leave it on your skin for a further 2-3 minutes. Once you rinse it off your skin feels so lovely, smooth but also hydrated. This is a product that I use about twice a week

Biolumin-C Serum & Eye Serum

Both these Serums are ones that I sped through SO quickly. I found the Facial Serum really hydrating and always left my skin feeling smooth and looking healthy. I would always tend to use this after using any kind of facial acids as it contains Vitamin C but I also found that I used it up really quickly!

I still have the Eye Serum and I’ve found that I’m trying to use it more sparingly. It is really lightweight for the eyes and it might just be me but I swear I can see a difference if I’ve used this. I also like the fact that neither of these really small as sometimes that can put me off a serum.

Nightly Lip Treatment –

I use this every single night without fail. I love the applicator of it as it has a cooling metal tip which is always lovely to see at night and feels very refreshing. The treatment itself feels heavier than a normal lip balm but not too heavy that you hate having it on your lips. I do find that it sinks in really quickly too so I try and do this last thing at night before I sleep for that hydrating boost. I have found that my lips haven’t gotten as dry since using this but if you’re someone that likes lip products to hang around then this might not be for you as I do find it sinks in quickly.

Skin Smoothing Cream –

This is one of the first products I tried from Dermalogica and it’s a good one! I use this almost daily when doing my make up as it leaves such a lovely base. This soothing moisturiser contains Hyaluronic Acid, Arnica and also Vitamin C & E to leave your skin feeling hydrating and looking smooth and healthy whilst also protecting it from environmental stresses. I would really recommend this even if you have oily skin as it works so well (even if you don’t wear make up).

Invisible Physical Defence –

This is a weightless SPF (30) which doesn’t leave a white cast on your skin and is basically invisible. I alternate between this and a slightly more inexpensive SPF every day (just to try and make this last longer). What I love about this SPF, in particular, is that it is absolutely invisible, doesn’t cause me any breakouts and also helps defend against UVA, UVB and blue light which not all sunscreens do.

Dermalogica have quite a few SPF products on offer however this one is amazing for sensitive skin. I would highly recommend it.

Neck Fit Contour Serum –

This is their newest release; The Neck Fit Contour Serum is a skincare workout for the neck, this product trains the neck to be tighter, smoother, more toned and contoured. The product packaging is genius as it contains a rollerball applicator which makes applying the product SO easy and its metal, which is lovely and cooling for the neck. They also chose to release a serum instead of a cream, as a serum is much lighter and doesn’t run the risk of causing blemishes as a cream-based product could. I have been using this every other night for about a week now and I do think that I have noticed a difference in my skin. I think I will try to apply this every night for about a week to see if that makes any difference.

– – –

So there we have it. This is a pretty big list of products but would you believe this isn’t actually everything that I’ve tried from the brand? Some products that I’ve used I don’t feel that I’ve had enough time to give an opinion on but overall, I think Dermalogica have some of the best quality skincare products out there for that mid-range price.

I’ve noticed a big difference in my skin since including Dermalogica products into my skincare routine. They are so easy to use, no faff and no long skincare routine is needed. I have my favourites but my skin is definitely the healthiest and clearest it’s ever been.

If you haven’t used anything from them before then I strongly recommend that you treat yourself to a few skincare pieces, you won’t be disappointed!

They offer lots of handy samples of their products and smaller, travel style sizes which I would recommend to get if you’re after a certain product but want to try it before committing to a full-size product!

Have you used anything from Dermalogica before? I’d love to know if you have any favourite products!