Ted Baker Beauty: The Perfect Gift For Christmas

So it’s now officially December, everyone should be four days into their advent calendar and most people are beginning to think about putting the tree up (or they already have) and some people, some people will have actually started their christmas shopping by now. I am normally one of these people. I normally would have started Christmas shopping in November as I like to spread the cost (and excitement) however for various reasons, like going away at the end of November, Christmas shopping has taken a bit of a backseat.

This is going to change, I’ve already made a list of who I want to buy for and what I want to buy them. One of the shops which I love to go to at this time of year are Boots. They really do have something for everyone and it’s not all beauty/make up/fragrance related you can find some really nice gifts. I got my brother-in-law an around the world beer gift set from there once, something I wasn’t expecting to find them selling but it really made the perfect gift for him! If you have someone thats a bit hard to buy for or you just don’t know what to get them, then I would definitely head to Boots, even just for inspiration if nothing else.

Now I was actually bought this Ted Baker Beauty gift set by my boyfriend from Boots however I think it’s a stunning gift and I was so surprised and pleased with it. I was scrolling through twitter one night not so long ago and someone tweeted about this particular gift being half price (£45 down to £22.50, crazy!) and I couldn’t help but show it to him.. he surprised me with it the next day when I finished work! He is a good egg sometimes.

I’ve never tried any beauty from Ted Baker before, I’ve tried other bits (such as fragrance) and I’ve always liked the brand so you can imagine my excitement at having a whole box of goodies to try out.

First of all lets just appreciate how bloody gorgeous everything is. The box it comes in is lovely, the packaging of all the products is a beautiful rose gold which looks stunning in photos, or on top of a vanity and then when you open up the two palettes, there is tiny bows on the eyeshadow and roses in the blush! The attention to detail that has been paid to this gift set is what makes it special in my opinion.

Now I think this would be perfect for a good variety of people because the set contains so many items which will actually get used. It’s too often that items from gift sets get left on the shelf however I highly doubt that anything would be forgotten about with this set. You get nearly everything you need for a full make up look such as mascara, eyeshadow, blush, lipstick. You even get the tools to apply these products with making it perfect for practically anyone. Teenagers that are just starting out with make up? Girls that want to try more of the brand? People (like me) that are just drawn to pretty, shiny things? A female in your life that you’re not quite sure what to buy for? Get them this! Or if not this set, Boots have a whole range of Ted Baker presents which are all just as stunning as this one and they are all quite inexpensive (even better!).

My favourites from this set has to be the blush (which works perfectly with the little brush) and is just the loveliest rosy colour which makes you glow, the eyeshadow palette as I like the sparkly taupe colour, the middle shade is also perfect for adding definition and the nude lipstick which would suit anyone. Something that I’m not so keen on it the mascara, it’s got a plastic wand which I’m not so crazy about but I have tried it out and it is lovely and black. A lot of these products are also perfect for travel.

Ted Baker is literally the perfect brand to get people for gifts as they make products for men and women, they have such a lovely big range and there’s also no age limit. There is something so sophisticated about their products. Of course everything is also in Boots Three for two deal so I’m sure you’re bound to find something for everyone.

What do you think of Ted Baker? Have you tried anything from them before? Let me know what you think!