Summer Ready Skin.

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Whenever the warmer weather comes around (and we never know quite when that will be in the uk…) I like to strip back all my skincare and make up routines and re-evaluate what products I need and what I don’t need anymore. It’s been really fun to experiment in this way and I’ve found a few good items within my own beauty stash. I’ve recently discussed my go-to staples in this post, however today I’d like to chat about the make up that I’m wearing at the moment and skincare that is a NEED for the warmer months.

I’m all about dewy, healthy-looking skin, a glowing highlight and big bold lashes. I think this is my go to “look” however at the moment I’ve just been concentrating on light bases and bronzed skin.

Of course, underneath all this, I’ve also been trying to pay attention to my skin to make sure it looks the best that it can as a lot of the time I like to go bare-faced. There’s a natural sort of confidence that comes from looking after your skin and it’s something I’ve really been trying to embrace. Now don’t get me wrong, my skin is definitely not the clearest but that doesn’t even matter. I’ve mainly been focusing on getting a natural glow and trying to even out my skin tone. Something that you probably already know but honestly does make such a massive difference is drinking lots of water.

Face Masks are definitely something I do a lot more in summer and I have no idea why?! There’s nothing quite like having a full-on pampering with a face mask on. I am that sort of person who really likes a morning face mask too. It really helps my skin feel more prepped and sets me up for the day as well. One that I’m loving at the moment is the Skin Detox Mask from Nivea, it’s a peel-off mask which makes it quick and easy to use and it always leaves my skin feeling soft.

Something that I’m really conscious about in the summer is SPF. I hate burning and even if you don’t burn, the sun can do some lasting damage that you can’t even see (even in Winter!). I always make sure I choose moisturisers with SPF in them, it cuts out a step and I find that sunscreens alone tend to be quite greasy so by choosing a daytime moisturiser with SPF in, it means it’ll be more likely to suit your skin. I’ve always wanted to try the Glossier Invisible Shield however a lot of people have said it’s quite small for the price, have you used it?

So, onto the fun bit.. the make up! I tend to prefer light, glowy make up all year round but it’s definitely something I like to take advantage of come summer as most of the time I don’t wear much make up anyway…

One of my favourite summertime products is stick foundations. Perfect for a quick application and for swiping on when you need it. They’re so light and dewy and most of the time I find they give the perfect amount of coverage. I like to use these with a beauty blender but you could also use your fingers to smooth it out. I have the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Stick Foundations that I would definitely recommend, they are quick and inexpensive but you can build them up to the amount of coverage you want.

Most of the time in summer I like to skip blush and just add alllll the bronzer and highlight but sometimes blushes just add the perfect amount of warmth that you can’t achieve without them. One of my favourite versions of blush is the kind that contains shimmer so that they don’t just give a flush of colour to your cheeks but give an overall glow too. Sometimes I find I can then skip on the highlight if my skin is looking dewy enough. I’m all about that quick, glowy make up. I would recommend cream blushes for this (I have a super old Topshop Beauty one which I still adore) but the Bourjois Little Round Pot Blushes are also so lovely.

How do you get summer ready skin?