A Standout Favourite: Marc Jacobs Beauty

I was lucky enough to be sent this lovely little mascara from the people at influencer, in exchange for being sent that I had to do some posts on social media and also leave a review on John Lewis however I felt like I should also share it on here as well. I’m very small in the blogging world, so getting “high end” beauty products sent to me is a dream come true. I’m not one that is able to spend (or even justify spending) loads of money on make up so when I do get high end products, I expect them to be absolutely fantastic.

I’m a big mascara wearer but recently I have also started wearing false lashes daily, getting ready in the morning and doing my make up is proper “me” time so I like to take my time and also experiment. I don’t see any harm in wearing false lashes daily as long as they don’t damage my real lashes and if you start to wear them a lot, just wearing normal mascara isn’t enough anymore! Of course I do have days where I don’t wear much make up but I love the glamour that false eyelashes create.

This mascara is now my go to mascara as I had a sort out recently and chucked away anything old or any that I didn’t use. Something which I love doing as it really helps you refresh your make up collection and means that you rediscover great products.

The packaging of this is really lovely – very expensive looking so if you’re after something which is special than you’ve picked the right product. Inside the (very seek) box is a small (smaller than I thought it would be) tube of mascara. Again, this packaging is really lovely, very sleek and the mascara itself fits nicely within your hand. I think that the wand is quite small and it has a curved brush which I quite like as it allows you to grab all your eyelashes, even the really hard to get, small ones.

This mascara is really really black, it’s very pigmented so if you’re someone who doesn’t like to spend ages doing your make up, you won’t need to with this product as with just a few swipes you have super long looking black lashes. A lot of people love this mascara and I can see why as it’s really lovely, does everything a mascara should and is a little bit luxe and special. If you’re looking to spend that tiny bit extra on mascara and treat yourself (or someone you love, what with Christmas coming) then I would definitely recommend this.

Have you tried anything from Marc Jacobs Beauty before? What do you think of this mascara? I’d love to know your opinions and also what your favourite mascara is!