Some New, Positive Changes To My Haircare Routine.

I’ve touched on this subject a bit already, but I’ve recently started paying a lot more attention to my hair, trying to get it looking and feeling it’s best. I don’t use very much heat on it, I don’t dye it and in general, I’ve kept up with the care of my hair well. However, I wasn’t using the best products and I just wasn’t going that extra mile to keep it healthy.

I’ve been trying to grow my hair for a long time now and I’ve made quite a lot of progress. Looking back at old photos, it looks so short and just not it’s best. I’ve definitely found a routine with it now with regards to my washing routine and daily upkeep, but it was definitely time to add in more hydrating products, such as hair masks and oils.

I used to use Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner and apparently, this isn’t the best for your hair. I’ve recently switched it out to a new Garnier Shampoo and conditioner, which I swear is already so much more hydrating for my hair. I’m hoping to see lots of regrowth and baby hairs come through once it’s been a little whilst since I stopped using the Tresemme stuff but only time will tell.

I also managed to pick up a massive tub of Pantene Deep Conditioner, this is an intense hair mask which I’ll be using once a week for my hair when I wash it. As I’ve said, my hair isn’t in the worst conditioner but if I want it to grow then it needs to stay healthy and hydrated.

I’ve also been using lots of Argan Oil on my hair every time I brush it to help avoid tangles and to smooth over if they do occur. This always leaves my hair feel so silky. I am using up a very old, pure Argan Oil bottle that I have from a hairdressers but I’ll be on the hunt for a new one soon.

I’ve also been very lightly spraying a Leave-In Conditioner around my crown before putting my hair up and sleeping. This has been quite important for me as it keeps the top of my head healthy. I also always tend to have a high ponytail so it helps to avoid breakage from a repetitive style.

I never wear my hair down when I sleep which I think is a big help, apparently it’s better to sleep with your hair in a protective style, like plaits or a loose ponytail rather then leaving it completely loose.

Another big change that I’ve started doing is using rice water on my hair. This isn’t something that I’m convinced I’m seeing the benefits from just yet but I do think it really helps clean my scalp. I use rice water in two ways, I pop a small bit of rice in a jar and top up with water, I then leave this for two days before straining and popping in a spray bottle. The day I wash my hair, I’ll cover my scalp in rice water from the spray bottle for at least two hours first. I’ll then use the rest of the rice water to rinse my shampoo from my second cleanse.

Rice water is something that has been used for years in conjunction with hair in Southeast Asia, China and Japan. It’s got many benefits including:

  • Amino Acids
  • B Vitamins
  • Vitamin E
  • Minerals
  • Antioxidants

It’s meant to be great for adding nutrients to your hair and helping it grow. It doesn’t smell the greatest when you’re using it but thankfully, the smell doesn’t linger and it always leaves my hair feeling very soft and smooth.

I have only been washing my hair once a week for about two months now and I can’t see myself going back. Not only does it save me time but my hair definitely doesn’t get as greasy as it did before. I love having a big pamper day once a week too – there’s no better feeling.

I have also just brought a Scalp Massager for when I shampoo my hair, these are meant to be amazing for really cleansing your scalp but also for stimulating your head too. I haven’t actually used this yet but I’m excited to give it a go. I’ve also heard that washing your hair upside down is meant to really help it grow. There’s so many weird little tips out there but I’m willing to give them all a go!

Nothing that I’ve listed here might sound very major, but I do believe that all these little changes have helped my hair in a positive way. If you have any questions, recommendations or tips for me, then I’d love to know!