Some Instagram Tips

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Instagram is a platform that we all love to hate – even now with all the changes that have happened, I still love the social media app and it’s still my favourite. I think everyone gets caught up about the issues about instagram and forget that it’s an app that allows you to express your creativity and connect with people all over the world.

Now I am no means an instagram “expert” but I just really like using the app and from September last year I have grown by around 600 followers and am now hovering around the 1,000 mark. This might not sound like much, I mean it’s not but this is all organic growth and don’t forget that I have really high engagement on my posts, getting the same amount of likes/comments that someone with about 3,000 followers would get. This just proves that it’s not all about who/how many followers you have.

I have consistently just enjoyed using the app, posting the type of pictures that I would like to see and I thought that I would share some tips about how to make instagram work for you.

01. My first tip is to just not get caught up in follower count, like count or any drama surrounding instagram. Try to embrace the changes and most importantly, do not compare your instagram to anyone else. Just create content that you like, that you enjoy and that you’d want to see on instagram. If you’re not enjoying using the app, then what’s the point?

02. Now I’ve seen that loads of people like to debate where to put hashtags, whether to put them in the comments or at the end of the caption. This is personal preference but I like everything to be user friendly and look clean, with nothing to distract so I’d always say put them in the comments. This isn’t to hide the fact that you’ve used hashtags, they’re a great thing! It just makes your caption look a lot better and makes it easier to read. I really dislike when people put their caption, then leave space or loads of dots and then the hashtags at the bottom. I just think it looks messy and doesn’t make it as easy to scroll through or engage with. Again, it’s up to you where to put them but just think about how you’d like your posts to be seen.

03. This should probably have come before the previous point but use Hashtags, lots of them! Just make sure to mix them up. Lots of people complain about being “shadow banned” (basically your image not appearing in the hashtag) which isn’t something that has never happened to me, but from my understanding to avoid this happening, just make sure you’re only using 30 hashtags and mix them up. It’s fine to favour some, but for different images put different hashtags. For people who create a variety of content this is easy but for people who just focus on beauty for instance this could be more difficult. My favourite way of finding new hashtags is to look at what other people are hashtagging. Just think, the more variety of hashtags that you use, the more variety of people that are likely to see your images.


04. My last tip is get chatty, use stories and basically just let some personality show through. I never used to put much of myself online but I’ve changed that as I love seeing the people behind the grams. Using stories has really changed pace now too as people are focusing a lot more on creating stories as they can mean higher engagement. I also always make sure that I engage and chat with other people, when I’m scrolling I’m constantly leaving nice comments and liking photos. You have to engage with people if you want them to engage with you.

Let me know what you think of these tips – have you fallen out of love with instagram or are you enjoying the app more than ever? Make sure to give me a follow!