Skinny Tan Pro Tan Moisture Mousse.

AD | I have collaborated with Skinny Tan before. This post contains Gifted Products and Affiliate Links.

So you might have this seen post from me where I tried Skinny Tan’s new Wonder Serum, which is now released so check it out here. Well, Skinny Tan were kind enough to also send me their Pro Tan Moisture Mousse. I’ve never been disappointed by a Skinny Tan product so I was so excited to give this a go.

Their Moisture Mousse is a classic foam mouse so definitely more of something that I’m used to using. I had never tried any other kind of tan until they sent me their Wonder Serum!

My first impressions of the tan are really good, they always have such lovely packaging. All their tans are Cruelty-Free, Vegan & Vegetarian which is so inclusive of everyone.

What first drew me to this tan is that it promotes hydration as it contains Hydrating Coconut Water and Vitamin E. I’ve never found self-tanning particularly drying when you apply it, it’s always a few days after that I find that it dries out my skin so this could be a lifesaver!

Another thing that I like about this tan is that it’s quick and easy to apply and you can control how dark you want to go by how long you leave it on for. If you want a light, glowing tan allow it to develop for up to 60 minutes. If you want a deeper, darker tan then you can leave it on for 3 hours, 6 hours or even overnight. I think it mainly comes down to personal preference but I like that you have control over how dark you want it to go, perfect for beginnings and for people who can’t really find a good medium tan.

As with every Skinny Tan product that I’ve tried, there’s no weird orange colour, no streaking and no biscuit smell. I find every product of theirs develops to a really natural looking colour.

Also, if you haven’t already, you need to try their Dual Sided Tanning Mitt, it’s literally changed my tanning life and it has made it so much easier to achieve a flawless glow!

I’ve enjoyed every single product that I’ve tried from Skinny Tan. I think they’re on the right price range (not too expensive or too cheap) and their products last ages whilst giving you complete control over your tan.

Have you tried anything from Skinny Tan before?