Rings | Regal Rose, Rock N Rose and The Great Frog London

FALLEN SAINT. Delicate Feather Wrap Ring
WILLOW. Delicate Crystal Leaf Wrap Ring
DEATHLY ROSE. Detailed Antique Silver Ring

I’ve never been much of a jewellery person, mainly because I either forget to put any on or I find it too fussy, like braclets with their tiny clasps that you need help to get on and off.. Piercing jewellery is about the only thing that I tend to wear and even then I can go months without wearing anything in my lobes. The other issue that I have with jewellery is that unless you buy REALLY expensive stuff, it just turns your hands/fingers/ears green and you end up with either an infection or throwing it away.

However I decided to change this as I just felt so bare (and boring) and now that I know a bit more about my style and I can afford slightly more pricey jewellery, I felt like a few ring additions wouldn’t be so bad.

The above jewellery all comes from Regal Rose, a shop which I have known about since forever and I’m not sure who actually introduced me to however they do such beautiful jewellery. I have actually been lusting over the rose ring for a good while (YEARS) and finally decided to treat myself. I wasn’t too sure of my ring size so ordered a large with the intention of exchanging/returning it if need be but it fits on my index finger really well and has given me a good idea of what other sizes I would need for my other fingers.

Another shop which I have placed an order with is Rock N Rose, I was introduced to them by Helen as I was watching her youtube channel (vlogs) and she received a package that they sent. After having a look, I fell in love with a few of their pieces. The good thing is that they actually offer 15% off for new customers which came in handy however I haven’t actually received that package yet but I should be getting it this week as what I bought was on pre-order. Once that comes I will probably be writing up another post, but just for now I have ordered this one and this one.

Finally, one last ring which I CANNOT stop thinking about is this one by the Great Frog London. Their jewellery is worn by some youtubers that I watch, I first saw Sammi wearing them and then Jess and I think this influence could be why I am so obsessed as I see their jewellery so much. Now this ring is quite a bit more expensive than the others that I have mentioned in this post however for the quality and brand I think it would be worth it. I have a fairly big birthday coming up so I think I’ll start dropping hints now…

What are your favourite places to buy jewellery from?