Ready for September

A5 Gold notebook – Wilko 

Everything else – Nouvelle 

Now that September has come around (feels like Christmas was just last week) I thought that I would share a few stationary items of mine that will be essentials when I go back to uni. As well as boring stuff like pens etc, I always like to take LOTS of notes during talks/lectures and in general if I’m working on a shoot or on an image, I find that writing down what I want to do and planning everything out helps me a lot with productivity and the success of what I create. That’s why notebooks are something which I always tend to buy, I keep some at home on my desk but I also take some into uni and I have a set “uni” notebook so if I ever have to try and find out some info then I know where it’s going to be. I’ve recently gotten into gold a lot more and I thought that these notebooks were too cute to pass up.

I picked up this weekly list planner as I thought it was such a good idea. I like that you can do it week by week instead of monthly and that you can tear the page off and throw them away when the week is done. I’m hoping that this will help me with productivity when I start uni, with planning and deadlines etc. It also doubles up as a really cute mousemat which I’m quite pleased about.

What are your uni/office essentials?