Primark Lashes… Are They Any Good?

I think I’m quite late to be introduced to the Primark beauty range. I’ve tried a few little tools from this section before and I love Primark for basic clothing (socks!), but I’ve never tried any of their beauty products before. I think this is partly down to the fact that my nearest Primark doesn’t have the greatest beauty section. However, I was very kindly given a couple of pairs of their lashes for my birthday.

I was given two different pairs of lashes, a really natural-looking pair just named “Natural” and then a slightly more dramatic looking pair called “Volume”. Volume is definitely something I would pick up for myself.

Primark lashes normally retail for £1 so they really don’t break the bank. Considering I used to buy strip lashes from eBay for £5 for 5 pairs, you could buy five different styles for the same price and have slightly more options to experiment with.

On first impressions, the classic black box is really nice, simple but it displays the lashes well. They also come with lash glue which I am not going to use, which is a completely personal preference. I have tested it on the back of my hand and it seems to be alright. However, my favourite lash glue is the DUO Eyelash Glue, which is also available at Primark. I think you can get away with more affordable lashes but the key is to have really good quality eyelash glue.

The lashes themselves, are a bit shiny and they feel synthetic. However, the band that they sit on feels very flexible, which is good as sometimes more affordable lashes sit on a very stiff band which just makes them look very unnatural (and makes them hard to work with).

The lashes also come with instructions, which are quite clear and easy to follow and are the natural way to apply lashes. I always tell people to apply the glue to the back of their hand as it makes it easier to apply to the lash this way, leave the lash for a little while, probably longer than you think you need to leave it for, and then apply using tweezers to get really close to your lash line. You want to place the lash band as close to your natural lash line as possible, this will make them look more natural. Trimming the lashes is also a really important step as it’ll really tailor the lash to fit your eye. I sometimes then use the trimmed lash on an area that I think needs a bit more thickness.

The quality of these lashes is really good and if you go through them as quickly as I used to, I’d really recommend these. I’ll probably still save my more expensive pairs for special occasions though. The fact that these are so affordable means they’re great to try out without worrying that you’re ruining a really expensive lash.

Have you tried false lashes from Primark Beauty before? What should I try next?