Pai Skincare | First impression

I was one of the people lucky enough to manage to grab a sample of Pai Skincare when Kate was offering them on their collaboration. I haven’t heard much about this brand before however after reading her post I was surprised that such a skincare staple as it seems to be could offer so much and only be around £20 (which is fairly cheap considering most skincare brands).

Some of the benefits of Rosehip oil are the improvements of:
Fine lines
Marks (left by blemishes)
Dryness and rough patches
Sun damage and age spots
Stretch marks and scarring

This is a product that apparently conditions the skin and evens out skin tone and your complexion to leave your skin feeling and looking its best. You don’t just have to use this product on your face either, but any area of skin in need of a little improvement.

When my sample arrived I was a little bit surprised by how small the amount given was, I know samples are meant to be small but this seemed seriously tiny AND it claimed it was a two week sample. However after using this product I have found that you really only need a small amount as it goes a long way, especially as you’re meant to mix it with the dampness left on your skin after cleansing or a small amount of moisturiser.

Something that really stood out to me about this product is the small amount ingredients (only five), how natural and organic they are and also the fact that it’s vegan. Something which was not the main focus of the product but is incredibly important when it comes to cosmetics.

I like how natural this product is and how it felt good for my skin when using it. I think the main thing is to make sure that you don’t put this on dry skin, but make sure its slightly damp, this made the product work more effectively as it seemed to sink in better. I like to use this when I have time to treat my skin a little and do a slightly longer evening routine (exfoliate, mask etc). I have to admit that this isn’t something that I have used every evening (with such a small sample its hard to) but I think you could definitely see the benefit from doing so.

Their website is lovely, neat and friendly to use, they offer free delivery and also free samples with their orders, so what’s not to love? I will definitely be ordering from them in the future.

What’s a recent skincare discovery of yours?