Our Family Christmas Traditions

Because Christmas is all about family, I thought that I would share a few of the different Christmas traditions that we have. This is something which I am always interested in learning about when it comes to different people/families and is also something which we are always adding to. The photos that I have aren’t really that Christmassy but are from when me and my siblings were younger. I don’t have too many photos of us now and none that I would share without their permission however these are some of my favourite photos from when we were kids (and have been scanned in, hence why the quality is low) as they really show what our childhood was like, we were constantly travelling around and going for trips out. If you need help figuring out which one I am, I’m the small blonde one.

One of the newest (and probably best) tradition that we have is always getting takeaway pizza on Christmas Eve and I mean always.  As everyone is older and with various partners, we don’t always spend all day together on christmas day but we do all make the effort to spend Christmas Eve together after work etc. It is usually always a dominoes and it helps when we have some sort of discount (hello NUS). 

Another one of our traditions is boardgames. This is probably like most families but Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without an argument over Monopoly. It seems that every gift that I’ve bought this year is a boardgame but it’s just what Christmas is about, spending time together. 

We also always go on a family dog walk on Christmas day, this depends on many things (such as rain and who comes with) but it is always out in the forest and always ridiculously early in the morning with everyone still wearing last nights make-up and pjs on under their clothes (at least the girls do). 

There are also some traditions that I mainly have, which are more sort of solo things but would be weird if I didn’t do now, such as decorating a gingerbread house and making a Yule log cake on Boxing Day. These are things which I’m looking forward to doing with a family of my own someday and I like the fact that I am creating new traditions early on. I don’t think christmas would really feel like christmas if none of these things happened, this is mainly what I look forward to each year, not presents.

What are some of your Christmas traditions?