New make-up Purchases

Eco Tools 
Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palette 

After getting some boots vouchers through the post, I thought that now would be the perfect time to treat myself to some new make-up and most importantly, brushes. I have always been a fan of the Eco Tools range, they were the first proper make-up brushes that I was given for one of my birthdays when I was younger and I still have those brushes now AND use them regularly. I have always been a believer in needing good quality make-up tools to apply make-up with as they can change everything. So when I got a voucher offering 10% off, I picked three which I thought would add to my collection nicely.

I selected the stippling brush as I thought this would be a good brush to apply my base with, I am always changing the way that I do this as I don’t like to look like I am caked in make-up. After using this brush for a while now, I’ve found that it allows me to create the perfect coverage. I’ve found that is is also good for using after a concealer to make sure everything is blended. The smaller brush which you can see in the above image is a concealer brush and although I have been experimenting with using this for my concealer, I tend to prefer a bigger, more fluffy brush for this. However I have found that this brush is really good for blending eyeshadows and tidying up the eye area.
And finally, I got a big, fluffy brush for powder, blush and bronzer. I have mainly used it to apply bronzer all over my skin as now we are in Autumn and going into Winter, I find my skin needs more help with colour. This brush gives me a nice glowy look without being caked in bronzer and although it is a big brush, still allows you to be quite precise with where you apply.

The best thing about Eco Tools is that they are 100% cruelty free and are made from natural and recycled materials. Their packaging is also really nice, looks fresh and really grabs your attention. However they do use these like, reusable pouches to sell their brushes in and while that might be good for some (and perhaps travelling) I just take mine out and put them with my other brushes.

Now, while I was in Boots and heading for the checkout, I found this Max Factor Palette which I just couldn’t leave without. I tend to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with eyeshadows as I’ll either wear them all the time or not at all, it depends on how long I have to do my make-up and whether I’m feeling lazy or not. I first noticed this palette when Kate did a blog post on it and I remember thinking how could such a beautiful palette be so cheap.
They had a range of options however I went for the Cappuccino Nudes Palette as I thought that I would get the most wear out of this and boy was I right. So many of the shades are so wearable and you can either just sweep a shimmery shade across your eyes for a bit of glam or you can do a full on smokey eye which makes this palette so useful and gives you so many options. The shades themselves are quite creamy in consistency and last well. I have also noticed that you don’t get that much fall out when using this palette which is something that you get with “cheaper” eyeshadows. I like how there is a good range of colours in the palette, not too many and also that there is a mix of matt and shimmery as often in palettes from a drugstore you don’t get this.

What make-up items have you added to your collection recently?