New in from Elemental Herbology.

AD – This post contains PR Products.

As most of you should know by now, I’ve been trying a variety of products from Elemental Herbology over the past few months as I’m lucky enough to be on their PR list. This is such a dream for me as their products are just some of the best. I have really enjoyed everything I’ve tried from them so far. All their products are incredibly high quality and just have that total “luxe” feeling. I always turn to their products if I’m after a bit of a pamper and I’ve found that I’m actually turning to use more and more Element herbology products over others.

I selected a few things recently which I absolutely love. I’ve been really focusing on my skin and what products I’m using recently as although I have some fab products that work for me/my skin, sometimes I find that I’m missing what I think are important steps in my routine. I’m very big on cleansing, using serums and moisturising, which is just the basics, right? Well, I’ve actually been focusing on not only doing these simple steps but concentrating on using products that are really beneficial for my skin.

Something that I’ve found has made a big difference in my skin is using a facial moisturiser that is oil-free. I’ve never thought of myself as someone with oily skin. My skin has always been more on the dry side which means I think I’ve overused products which are very rich and perhaps heavy… causing my skin to become oily not only from the natural oils that my skin produces but also from all the potential heavy products I’ve been applying.

I’ve been using the Elemental Herbology Moisture Milk Moisturiser (Oil control) for well over a month now and I do think it’s made such a difference to my skin, mainly, not blocking my pores with excess moisture and oil (which has resulted in fewer blemishes). I’ve really enjoyed using this serum. It has a really interesting texture as it’s almost like a serum instead of a heavy cream which I really like. I think it’s the perfect daytime moisturiser and applies really nicely before make up.

Another product I’ve been really enjoying from Elemental Herbology is their Water Soothe Facial Oil. This is a really hard product to describe but it’s a lovely, silky oil which you only need a drop or two to do your whole face. I pat this over problem areas and my T Zone before bed (I only use this at night as I find it very nourishing and restoring). It’s such a lovely product and I always find I wake up and my skin just looks so much healthier.

There are many benefits to using this product – it deeply hydrates, reduces sensitivity and helps prevent early signs of ageing. Some of the main ingredients are Chamomile, Rose Damask and Rosehip Oil. I put a drop or two onto my fingers before patting it onto my face. This is a really warming serum that you can warm up further between your fingers before applying to your skin. It smells absolutely heavenly too.

My only real concern with this product is that it comes in such a small bottle! You really don’t need a lot as it is so concentrated but I would love a bigger bottle of this stuff!

A couple of other products that have impressed me lately is their Water Soothe Bathing Ritual Gift Set. I already own their Soothe Bath & Body Oil and it is just such a heavenly product. It’s an oil that you can pop into a hot running bath or pat into your skin. This is another Water Soothe product which must be why I like it (contains Rose Damask) and it’s just such a luxurious product which I love using. As soon as I saw you can get a whole gift set in this range I knew I had to have it and I’m so glad I ordered it as it is such a lovely product. Not only do you get a Bath & Body Oil but you also get a decent-sized aromatherapy candle that burns for 25 hours and is the perfect bathtime companion as it has such a lovely scent; Neroli and Chamomile.

You also get a new product within this set, a Neroli & Rose Body Cream. This smells pretty much exactly like the bath and body oil (heavenly) and feels really rich and hydrating. I love to use these products after a long bath before getting into my pyjamas and enjoying the relaxing scent all night!

This whole gift set is so lovely to receive as it looks and feels really luxe, comes in such a lovely keepsake box and contains products which smell amazing. I would highly recommend checking out their gift sets if you’re looking for a pampering gift for a special someone.

Another product that I’ve been loving is their Skin Resurfacing Multi-Acid Facial Pads. This is a new kind of product for me as although I’ve used acids (mainly AHA’s) in the past, they’ve always been a cream/serum which you leave on then wash off after, not something in a cotton pad which you sweep over your skin without removing afterwards.

Now, these are strong and I found that I also didn’t need to use a whole one of these (they’re essentially thin cotton pads soaked in serum) so I actually got some scissors and cut them in half. I haven’t found that they’re any less effective but it’s also allowed me to gain more use from this product (you get 40 per tub). I would highly recommend sweeping these across your neck too, as your skincare routine shouldn’t just stop at your neck. I don’t, just because I have a few scars on my neck which I don’t want to irritate.

These treatment pads contain 5% Glycolic acid and 5% Fruit Acids. This helps to minimise pores, breakouts and fine lines while promoting an even skin tone. This also means that your skin is gently exfoliated which helps to increase skin cell turnover. They also contain Aloe Vera which is a very calming and soothing ingredient.

Another couple of products that I have, but haven’t used enough yet to really review too much is their Bio Cellular Super Cleanse (which seems like a lovely product, I just haven’t used it enough yet) and also their Macadamia & Papaya Radiance Body Scrub. I’m hoping to post a little review of these products once I’ve used them more, so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested!

That was a bigggg ol’ post but I do really love Elemental Herbology and their products! Have you used anything from them before?