New From Nivea.

AD – This post contains a press product sent to me with no obligation to review.

My wonderful Nivea Family sent me over some products as a thank you this week (because I was included in their Instagram stories and sent them over some images etc). This was totally unexpected and made my day when it arrived.

I’ve since been trying out some of the products that they sent and because they’re new products, I thought I’d share with you guys.

They sent over two different sets of their Biodegradable wipes; I have the MicellAIR All-In-1 Cleansing Wipes (for all skin types and removes waterproof make-up) and also their Refreshing Cleansing Wipes (For normal Skin, includes Aloe Vera).

Now, I’m not the greatest lover of Facial Wipes but I can’t ignore the fact that they’re handy and great for traveling/refreshing your skin. If I’m not wearing make up I do find these handy for that instant “fresh” feel that they give my skin – they’re great in the summer if you feel a bit hot/sticky and want to freshen up. I don’t typically use these to remove make up but if I do, I always follow up with a double cleanse.

Facial Wipes can also come in really handy when you’re applying make up too, they’re great if you need to spot clean your brushes or if you’ve messed up your eyeliner and need to wipe away to then re-apply (which is something I do…. ALL the time!).

The last product they very kindly sent over is their Gradual Tan Moisturiser: Firming + Radiance which includes Q10 for Tighter, Firmer Skin. This has got such a fresh, summery scent which I love. It’s basically summer in a bottle and leaves you with a golden glow.

I love a product which makes tanning easy and this leaves you with such a lovely golden tan. It takes about a week of applying this every day to build up the colour but once it’s there you can go to just applying it every other day to maintain the colour instead. I love gradual tanning products as they look natural, don’t transfer onto your clothes and are so easy to apply. I tend to use a tanning mitt to apply this as I don’t want all the colour sticking to my (dry) hands but using one isn’t necessary (just wash your hands after).

I don’t feel like this leaves my skin feeling dry either, so just an all round great product for the summer!

Have you tried any of these products from Nivea before? What’s your go-to summer product?