New from Haute Florist: Letterbox Flowers.

AD – This post contains gifted items as part of an ongoing brand relationship.

You might remember this post from a few weeks ago where I received some flowers from Haute Florist. They very kindly gifted me the most stunning bouquet, which is part of their Valentine’s Day range and it’s still available now! 

They actually have just launched their own Letterbox Flowers as well and I was lucky enough to receive a (gifted) bouquet. 

I think letterbox flowers are literally genius, it’s such a lovely way of showing someone that you care without having to guarantee that they’re going to be in! The packaging of these is lovely too, the flowers were very secure and the box fits through my letterbox perfectly. 

As with all their packaging, everything is very luxe (the black and white packaging is so classic looking) but it’s all very secure too. The flowers lay intertwined in the box with tissue paper, all wrapped up with a bow. You also get the care leaflet and a little note attached to your bouquet too. 

The flowers I received this time are absolutely gorgeous. They are simply called “Wildflowers” and contains some stunning Memory Lane Roses (which I’ve never come across before, but the colour of them is amazing, I think they’re now my favourite!), Blue Veronica and Orion Blue Eryngium, as well as some Tanacetum and also a lot of really nice foliage, including green bell. I haven’t had a bouquet like this before but I am seriously impressed with not only the quality of the flowers but how they look together.

There’s a lot going on with all the different flowers and their colours however the pinks and purples look so lovely together when offset by the gorgeous green foliage. I think with all the different textures it goes so well together. 

I always like to have a slightly more relaxed looking bouquet, I go for a big wide-based vase as I like the way it makes the flowers sit, I like to give the flowers a lot of space. I think these flowers would look really nice if you wanted to group them into smaller vases instead of one big vase too.

Overall, I am so impressed with how the flowers turned up. Some of the leaves of the smaller flowers were looking a little bit more worst for wear but I just removed these and you wouldn’t have known. I don’t think anyone can tell that they came through the post but it makes such a lovely talking point too. 

Despite them arriving through the post, they have lasted so well. They are still going strong now, almost a week later. I really think it makes a difference when you properly look after them. After the first initial few days, I pretty much cut the stems down every day when I change the water and it really does make them last so much longer.

Have you received letterbox flowers before?