New Favourites From Freshly Cosmetics.

AD – This post contains gifted products as part of an ongoing brand relationship.

Freshly Cosmetics are truly one of my favourite skincare brands and they have just re-released two of their fabulous skincare products, which they very kindly sent me to review.

This is the first time that I’ve come across their Bloom Orchid Facial Cream and I have to say, I’m really impressed. It contains both Red Algae and Mexican Agastache which are calming for the skin and it also contains anti-inflammatory properties. The Bloom Orchid Facial Cream reduces redness and inflammation caused by stress as well as increasing your skins hydration.

It also combats stress, free radicals and oxidative damage, and has an anti-ageing effect, thanks to its high content of plant extracts and seaweed. The Bloom Orchid Face Cream combines powerful antioxidants such as lingonberry, astaxanthin and orchid extract to increase collagen and elastin production.

The main thing that I like about this facial cream is its natural, kind of floral scent. It’s so lovely and refreshing to apply in the morning. It comes in a beautiful Glass Bottle (and all their packaging is mainly cardboard, which is 100% recyclable), it’s dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and suitable for all skin types.

I can’t really comment on how effective it’s been on my skin just yet, but it is really hydrating and my first impressions are good. I pop a few drops onto my fingers and massage them gently into my face, which I think is helping stimulate my skin and is helping reduce redness also.

I’ve also been trying out their Green Vitamin Concentrate Serum. This Facial Serum, reduces, reverses and prevents signs of skin aging and also accelerates cell repair. It contains a high concentration of Natural Vitamin C which is amazing for the skin. It also contains black tea and using this serum minimising the expression lines and gives the skin a healthy luminous effect.

I’ve been using both the Bloom Orchid Facial Cream and the Green Vitamin Concentrate Serum together most mornings and evenings lately. I am a great lover of Freshly Cosmetics so as soon as they release a new product I am allll over it.

As always I highly encourage you to head to the Freshly Cosmetics website to check out what they have to say about both of these products and check out their ingredient list, as they’re absolutely jam-packed with goodness for your skin. You can also get a duo of both of these products which I definitely recommend as you can save a bit of money whilst treating your skin.

Have you tried anything from Freshly Cosmetics before?