New Arrivals from Freshly Cosmetics.

AD – This post contains PR Products.

Most of you should know by that that I am a big fan of Freshly Cosmetics. They’re a brand that originates from Spain and puts a big emphasis on people and the planet when creating their products. What started out as a team of three in 2016 is now a 200 people strong company creating innovative and healthy natural cosmetics.

They’re also a company that seems to get it so right with their actions. Not only do they plant trees for every order over £50 (and at present have planted over 120,000 trees so far) but they’ve also created a re-fill system in their Madrid and Barcelona stores meaning that they’ve avoided the unnecessary production of hundreds of containers. 95% of their packaging is recycled (something else that is evident as soon as you receive your order) including glass, aluminium, kraft paper and wood. The products themselves contain more than 99% of natural ingredients that come from sustainable and responsible production.

They have a big emphasis on sustainability in the office too (such as everyone using cloth napkins, a reusable water bottle and having designated mugs) and are also committed to not only using green energy in their offices but also encouraging their employees to cycle in where possible or use electric scooters too. The whole company also carries out a local, social action every month. In the past year, they collaborated with an animal protection association, donated 110 kg of second-hand clothing, completed beach clean-ups and donated toys to children without resources.

Freshly Cosmetics are fantastic company and have really strong values that they’re committed to and that’s something that a lot of companies out there should be looking at and learning from. If a company like Freshly Cosmetics can make these changes and commit to a better planet, why can’t bigger, household-name brands? It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Of course, not only are Freshly Cosmetics a wonderful company but what first made me fall in love with the brand are their products. I have tried a good few over the past year or so (excluding 2020 as they had to handle the Brexit changes). You can see a few of my past posts containing products from them here and here if you wanted to know more about my thoughts of the brand/some of their products.

It has been a while since I received a PR Package from them and they have been very generous with what they sent over! The products I received:

I have actually only used two of these products before (both also used up now so I’m happy to be stocked up again!) which is the Golden Radiance Body Oil and also the Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum. This facial serum is simply wonderful! It’s gentle but exfoliating and can target problem areas such as acne, blackheads, open pores, blemishes and redness as well as exfoliating, rejuvenating and reducing and treating wrinkles. I have experience of using this product before and I really enjoyed it. I felt it did make a big difference to my skin so I’m looking forward to seeing the changes again!

Next up is their Golden Radiance Body Oil. This contains Marula (intensely moisturising and nourishing), Chia and Rosehip Oil (which my skin loves) and is a hydrating oil that you massage into your skin. It not only nourishes your skin but can also reduce the appearance of Cellulite, Scars and Stretch Marks. I find that this body oil is the perfect product to use in the summer as it’s light but hydrating and smells wonderful, I find it a bit quicker to use than a traditional moisturiser and it sinks in quickly to my skin.

They’ve also just released a brand new Glow Edition of this Body Oil which looks amazing. It contains Natural Micas (minerals which can be ground down into a sparkling powder, causing it to be referred to as “nature’s glitter”), Chia and Rosehip Oil and again, treats cellulite, stretch marks and Scars but also gives you this wonderful glow to your skin. I also find that it’s buildable as you can make it subtle by only applying some on areas that you want to stand out (such as your collarbones) or applying it all over. I’m a big fan of both of these Body Oils and I can’t wait to properly use the Glow Edition, I think it’ll be fab to use in the summer when tanned too as it’ll compliment your skin. I love products that enhance your natural complexion and give you a confidence boost and I definitely think this is one of those products.

Keeping with the body care theme, a new product to me that they sent over is their Hyaluronic Energy Body Serum. Apart from their Body Oils, I haven’t used many body care items from Freshly Cosmetics before so this is a really interesting product to explore. I haven’t used many of these products enough yet to give a proper review but my first impressions are good. I have never experienced a body serum before (as facial serums are more the “norm”) but I’m interested in seeing results from this. It’s a very cooling serum that feels silky to apply and contains Red Algae, Goldenrod and Vegan Hyaluronic Acid.

You can use this all over your body as it increases skin radiance, softness and hydration. It firms the skin and increases its elasticity and also provides a gentle exfoliation that promotes skin renewal. It tones, drains, fights swelling and accelerates blood flow and can treat problems resulting from poor circulation, giving a feeling of instant relief to your limbs.

As with all these products, I will write up another post soon once I have used them enough to provide a proper opinion. The one thing that I noticed first about this body serum, however, is that it only comes in a 100ml bottle which seems a bit small for a serum for your whole body. Perhaps even with using a small amount, I still think you’d run out quickly.

Another product that I haven’t used yet is their Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser. This is a very popular product! It contains Ayurvedic Saponins (traditionally used to clean the skin and also clean the surface of dead cells without peeling the skin and removing dirt), Lotus Flower (promotes anti-ageing benefits to the skin) and Chia Seed (soothes inflammation, reduce acne scars and helps keep skin radiant and healthy). This is a product that is very gentle and does not irritate the skin but does cleanse it thoroughly. I haven’t used this yet but I know this is one of their cult products that everyone loves so I’m excited to try it.

Last but not least, I have their Hair Radiance Keratin Spray. This contains Pea Peptides (An Amino Acid that helps stimulate and strengthen follicle stem cells, promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss), Linum Biomatrix and Baobab Active (high omega-3 fatty acid which helps moisturise dry hair and strengthen weak, brittle hair) and is a concentrated detangling spray for shiny and silky hair that protects from heat and repairs damaged hair. Over time, using this product is meant to improve hair combability, making it softer and brighter, preventing thermal damage and combating frizz.

I have used this a few times already and my first impressions are really good. It’s got a lovely scent, it’s fresh and smells strongly of lemon but also contains notes of lychee and grapefruit combined with apricot and peach! It’s fruity and a lovely product to use at any time of day. The spray nozzle is handy as it sprays a fine mist rather than allowing a lot of product out at once which I like as you can control how much you put in your hair. I’ve only used this on dry hair so far (you can use it on wet or dry hair) so I’ll be including it in my washing routine next time I wash my hair to see what difference it makes.

Freshly Cosmetics have come a long way since I’ve known them as they now cater for kids, pets, lifestyle and also now sell make up products (that look amazing!). They’re a company that seems to just keep going from strength to strength and I’ve really enjoyed watching them grow their products and range and I can’t wait to see what they release in the future.

Have you heard of Freshly Cosmetics before?