Nailswipe: The Brush On Nail Polish Remover

I was recently contacted on Instagram by Nailswipe, a new company that were offering to send me their product to try out for free. I was under no obligation to post in return or to review them. I had never heard about this kind of product before, I thought it was such a good idea and it would come in SO useful so I was thrilled when they contacted me and I was so excited for it to arrive.

The product is basically a Brush On Nail Polish Remover. Yes you heard that right. It which removes nail polish with a single swipe. This method uses up to 90% less solvent than normal polish remover, which helps to protect the skin and reduce flakiness which is something that my nails are prone to.

After getting my acrylics removed a good few months ago, I wanted a change and to allow my nails to strengthen again and grow. This means that I am in charge of looking after and painting my own nails again, something which I am terrible at. I would normally paint my nails at night before sleep (so a chance that they won’t dry quickly enough and my bedsheets imprint on them!) and I hardly ever remember to remove the polish until it’s all flaky and gross. My normal method for removing nail polish, whether that be on my hands or toenails is to soak a cotton pad with nail polish remover and rub at the polish until there is no nail polish left. This obviously means that all my nails, and a good portion of my skin comes into context with what is essentially a chemical.

Nailswipe removes the need for “normal” nail polish remover and has completely changed the way I look after my nails. It removes nail polish quickly, easily and safely and you get up to 50 full manicures out of one bottle. It also strengthens and conditions the nail and you can also use this as a corrector, so great for people who don’t have the most steady hand (like me) and need that tiny bit of help when painting their nails.

You simply brush Nailswipe onto your nail, leave it for a few seconds and swipe it off using a cotton pad. This is best done one nail at a time but you could swipe it over all your nails and leave a few seconds between each nail before you remove it. So instead of needing a massive bottle of nail polish remover (which I’m sure everyone has one somewhere) you just need this one little bottle. It is quick, easy and most importantly cleaner – there is hardly any mess.

The nail polish bottle is a fairly standard size, it’s not massive which I actually like as I HATE bulky beauty products. It also means that it is perfect for carrying with you while on the move. It’s also really travel friendly, especially handy if you’re going on holiday or away from your home for a while and you’ll want to be painting and repainting your nails. I personally think this could be great for bloggers and photographers – imagine how easy this would make doing multiple shoots on one day where everything has to look different and change – the little details (like your nails) have to change too.

As well as removing all your nail vanish, this is also great for just removing a certain nail’s polish, so if you’re painting your nails and mess one up for example, you don’t have to worry about removing it (and damaging your other nails in the process). I’m found that when you hold a cotton pad soaked with normal remover in one hand, the nail polish on that hand is easily damaged. The side of the cotton pad you are holding stays dry so your fingers do too. Great for sensitive skin and for people with certain skin conditions, such as dermatitis.

Something that I particularly like about this product is that my hands and skin stay cleaner. Other nail polish removers, especially those pots which are so “easy to use” because you dip your nail into them, spread polish onto the skin and under the cuticles (imagine how much this would hurt if you had a cut, even a tiny little paper cut!). Nailswipe hardly comes into contact with your skin as it only goes directly onto your nail and as soon as it has seeped into the nail polish, you wipe both off.

So there’s a few things which I really like about Nailswipe, such as it reduces flammables. Instead of storing a massive bottle of nail polish remover somewhere in either your room or bathroom, you just have to store this tiny 15ml bottle which is much safer and just think of the space that you’d save! It’s also no secret that normal nail polish remover absolutely stinks and the smell really lingers, anyone can guess what you’ve been doing. With Nailswipe there is less solvent inhalation and smell in use (which can only be a good thing). Up to 90% less fumes for you, for those near you and for the atmosphere which is better for you AND better for your lungs.

Nailswipe also doesn’t just have to be used for removing polish, it’s a great corrector (use the brush or a cocktail stick to accurately apply Nailswipe to any nail polish on the skin or cuticle around the nail) and can also be used for things such as nail preparation (before applying your nail polish, paint Nailswipe thinly onto the nails and wipe off immediately. This removes any traces of oil which could impair the adhesion of nail polish to your nails), strengthening and conditioning and as a Nail polish rejuvenator (add a few drops to a bottle of nail polish which has thickened/dried out and shake to give it a new lease of life.

You can even use Nailswipe to create Nail art! Using a cocktail stick dipped in Nailswipe, you can create dots and stripes. Just apply, leave and wipe off as usual.  Swiped quickly, the rest of the nail polish is not affected. Try it on single layer polish. This is something which I would really like to try and experiment with and I think the 14 year old me would have loved.

The only downside I can see for some people is that it’s not suitable for gel nail polish. I haven’t been using the product for that long however I would really like to continue experimenting with it as I think it is absolutely genius. I would also like to get some for my nan and sister as I think they would really benefit from this product too. This was sent to me for free however I had no obligation to review it. All opinions are my own and I just really like this product!

What do you think? Have you heard of this product before? Check out their website and make sure you’re following me on bloglovin!