AD – This post contains PR Products.

The wonderful team over at Dermalogica sent me over one of their new releases recently, their Daily Glycolic Cleanser. As most of you should know by now, I am a massive fan of Dermalogica products. I have tried a fair few, I have my favourites and I love how much attention to detail they always put into their products. I think they really lead the skincare game when it comes to ingredients and their innovative packaging.

I’ve recently just posted this post which was an honest chat (more like a rant, oops!) about my skin/skincare and it seems a bit weird to then be chatting about more skincare but I always take a lot of care when reviewing skincare products, especially new releases as it means that other people haven’t had the chance to see how it affects them/their skin yet. I do a lot of research into every product that gets sent to me but also every product that I use on my skin. I always introduce new products slowly to see how my skin reacts too. This is something I recommend to everyone. Not only do you get to know what your skin likes/dislikes and what works for you personally but if something does affect your skin, you can instantly know what it is (instead of trying to guess because you used 10 new products that day… make sense?).

Dermalogica’s New Daily Glycolic Cleanser is a brightening and conditioning cleanser that renews dull, uneven skin and helps remove buildup. Glycolic Acid brightens by removing dulling/dead skin cells for more glowing, healthy-looking skin.

There is also a blend of soothing Calendula Extract and nourishing Jojoba Seed Oil to help condition and replenish skin while maintaining the skin’s lipid barrier (which is essentially the outermost layer of your skin and consists of corneocytes (layers of dead skin cells) and lipids (the skin’s natural fats).

It has actually been a few weeks since I received this product which has given me a good chance to try it. I think it takes me a bit longer than the average person to trial a product as I introduce it slowly (as mentioned above) but I also like to properly form my opinion before I share it.

I do like this product. I think it’s gentle and great for sensitive skin and it does make my skin look better after use. However, I think it’s harder to incorporate this product into your skincare routine if you’re someone who uses separate ingredients alongside cleansers, for example, Retinol or niacinamide. There are certain skincare ingredients that shouldn’t be mixed or used alongside each other and you have to be careful otherwise you can end up damaging your skin. If you’re someone who likes to stick to a really simple skincare routine, such as cleanse, tone and then moisturise then I think this product could work really well for you. If you’re someone who uses a lot of products, then this cleanser can still be really beneficial but just be careful with what you’re using and when.

As it’s been a few weeks since I received this product, I’ve seen some reviews online which say it’s great for sensitive skin and some people say they found it a bit irritating to their skin at first – I just want to say that my skin can be very sensitive but I have had no reaction to this at all. I do believe it is very gentle and feels really lovely to use, it’s very silky when on the skin.

I will say that although it doesn’t say how much Glycolic Acid it contains, leading me to believe it’s less than 2% (as 2% and over has to be stated on the product), I would prefer it if they stated how often to use this product. I know it says ‘Daily’… which leads me to believe it’s less than 2% Glycolic Acid. Glycolic Acid is a Chemical Exfoliant and personally, I would hate to overuse this product or overwork my skin. There is a warning about over usage and it also explains that Glycolic Acid is an AHA and to make sure you wear sunscreen as it can make your skin sensitive to sunlight. Personally, I think the packaging should also recommend users only use this cleanser at night to limit sun sensitivity further.

I do really like this product but I find it hard to work into my skincare routine a little bit. I would personally only prefer to use this product at night but nighttime is when I go in with other skincare ingredients… It’s just a bit tricky to know when to use it. As I’ve mentioned, if you have a simple skincare routine or want to expand on your knowledge of skincare ingredients then I think this product could work really well for you.

I really don’t want anyone to think this is a negative review as, honestly, it is a lovely product. I just personally think it’s a bit of a tricky product to incorporate into my skincare routine which makes it not the right product for me.

Have you tried this New Daily Glycolic Acid Cleanser? What ingredients do you include into your skincare routine?