My Reading List This Month.

I’ve been making good progress this year on one of my many goals which is to read 50 books. By June, I wanted to have read 25 and I’m very happy that I’ve achieved that goal already… I’m actually ahead of myself too and I hope I keep it up. It doesn’t sound like a lot when you think about it, 25 books in six months but considering I barely picked up a book last year I’m quite happy with what I’ve managed to achieve so far.

Most of the books I’ve been reading have been ones I’ve downloaded onto my kindle and forgotten about (see this post for more reviews) but a lot of them have come from friends or family that have passed them on. They’re nothing groundbreaking, I’m a fan of a lighthearted romance but I’ve also read some popular books that have done the rounds on Instagram and Twitter.

A few favourites…

The Wedding Promise – Another Emma Hannigan book which I really enjoyed, there’s something about her writing which I love and tends to grab my attention. The premise of this story is that a grown-up couple put their life on hold for their kids until they themselves are grown. When they turn 50 they wanted to do everything they had to put on hold, their life was meant to begin again. However, the husband dies and leaves a house to his wife in Spain. It follows the story of her and her kids getting over his death, continuing with their lives and dealing with their grief. It’s well written (if a little predictable and cheesy in parts) and is perfect for a quick beachy read.

Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay – This title doesn’t really do much for this book but it was so interesting with loads of twists. Two grown-up stepsisters don’t really get on, then one meets a guy on a plane who turns out to have a wife and never sees him again until he starts dating her sister (his wife died and her sister turns out to be a lesbian, twists eh?). I definitely recommend this.

A Wedding at Christmas – This took me about a day to read so it’s a very quick read but fun too. It is technically a Christmas book but it’s a lovely read with a good story behind it and it’s quite heartbreaking in parts as the main couple are trying to marry quickly before her grandad passes away and there’s also total chaos obviously.

What to read next…

The Flat Share – This is something I’ve seen about on Instagram a bit and it seems like just the kind of book I’d love. The story is about two people who share a flat (including a bed!) yet they’ve never met. I find books that get hyped up a lot can tend to fall short but I want to give this one a go regardless.

The Couple Next Door – Another one that I’m sure everyone has talked about at one point. I love a good thriller every now and again and this seems like quite a fast-paced one when a child is snatched from her bed whilst her parents are next door at a dinner party. It probably turns into a bit of a “who done it” but it’s definitely something I want to read.

There are a few others that I have my eye on and I’ve been toying with the idea of getting Kindle Unlimited again now that I’m reading a lot. If there’s anything you’ve read recently that you’d recommend then I’d love to know!

What do you think of my recent reads? I’d love to know what’s on your reading list.