My Reading List This Month.

This month’s post is quite exciting as I have finally hit my goal of reading fifty books this year! I’m actually so proud of myself for reading that many and hitting a goal of mine as it was a bit touch and go for some months.

I’m not sure whether this is something that I will keep up however, I really enjoy writing these posts and sharing my reading list so who knows. Do you like reading these kinds of posts?

I also seem to be really bad at picking books at the moment as all the kind of “romance” books I’ve read have been terrible. I’m not even going to mention them here. If you have any book recommendations then let me know.

Whistle in the Dark

This story follows the lives of a family whose daughter disappears for four days and then turns up, bloodied and bruised… and the days she was missing are unaccounted for.

I don’t really know how to sum up my feelings towards this book. The beginning was really interesting and captured my attention immediately but nothing really happened in the middle and it kind of lost its momentum. The ending was also a little underwhelming.

I think it’s definitely a book that gets you thinking and I actually read it quite quickly as I wanted to know what happened! I’m just disappointed that the ending was better.

Good as Gone

This book is incredibly similar to the above book in the fact that it’s about a missing child. This might seem a bit strange but I’ve actually read about three books in between these two, I don’t just exclusively read books about missing people.. that would be a bit weird (not to mention depressing).

Good as Gone follows the kidnapping of a thirteen-year-old girl from her home (in the middle of the night, witnessed by her sister) until the moment, eight years later when she turns up on the doorstep. Her mum has doubts and it’s told through the perspective of the mother and daughter in alternating chapters.

In the beginning, this really caught my interest however, about halfway through, the narrative seemed to change and towards the end, the story got very jumpy and confusing to follow.

I felt the plot was good however the ending was, again, quite underwhelming and the whole book seemed very confused about what direction it was heading in. I enjoyed the story but I think the ending could have been better.

Up next, I’ve got a few different books again. Who’s that Girl, Between Sisters, and also You Deserve Nothing, which I think will be my next read.

What books have you read and enjoyed this month?