My Reading List This Month.

I love sharing these kinds of posts, they’re some of my favourites to write as I get to discuss what I’m reading and I also get recommendations from you guys. I started these posts as I wanted to track the kind of books I was going for. I also have a goal of reading 50 books this year which I’m sure you all know by now. I’ve done well so far, as I’m on 46 books I think I must have mentally been aware that I don’t have long to go and I’m right on target as I seem to have slowed down with reading anything at all.

I have however read some really popular books this month such as This Is Going To Hurt (Adam Kay) and My Thoughts Exactly (Lily Allan). I have also picked up some more to read too but they are more of your classic *romance* type books, which is normally what I go for but I’ve been reading them so slowly at the moment. It’s obviously not the book’s fault (lol) but I think I’ll have to get some more challenging reads, it’s just lighthearted stuff is always my go-to!

This Is Going To Hurt

I finally get around to reading this book (It’s been on my to-read list for months…) and he goes and releases another one!

This one really lived up to my expectations. It’s witty, hilarious and enjoyable to read. I was a bit worried that it would be too medical for me (as in, I get a bit panicked about medical issues in general) but actually it really took the sting out of issues like these. Obviously, some parts were quite heartbreaking but if you’re after a good, quick read then this is for you. I also got my dad to read it and he said it definitely shows just how much pressure medical staff are put under.

I’ve also found that some people don’t really like Adam Kay’s style of writing which I can understand, but to me, it’s exactly how he speaks, v v direct. I’ve actually heard too, and this could be wrong, that it’s being developed into a comedy for BBC2 which actually sounds quite interesting, I think I’d definitely tune in.

My Thoughts Exactly

I absolutely adore Lily Allan, I always have. I think she is an absolutely stunning person, so funny and good-natured too. The amount of crap that she’s been through though astounds me and to claim it all as her own by writing about it exactly how she pleases is incredibly brave. I think perhaps lots of people (especially younger women) will be able to sympathise with this book and I hope it sparks a bit of a discussion in its own right. I would recommend this book to everyone as it really gives an insight into how someone can be so wrongly perceived (and bullied) by the media. This is a really honest book which really shares just the extent of everything she’s been through.

What have you read recently? Have you got any book recommendations?