My Reading List This Month.

After not doing too well with reading last month, I wanted to pick up some books that I knew I’d get stuck into. I swear that it’s never taken me quite so long to read a book before, it took me nearly a month to read “When The Floods Came“. It’s not even a bad book. I kind of feel that everything happened at the end and because the chapters were so long it just took me ages but it was certainly a different book to what I normally read.

I’m up to 40 books read this month after finishing my last couple of books which leaves me well on track to hit my goal of 50 this year! You can check out some of the other posts I’ve done about what I’ve been reading here and here.

The Girl Before

I have just finished reading this book and it was so refreshing to finish a book quickly after the last book I read – this one took me about three days to read (and I read 200 pages of it in one day) as it just caught my attention straight away. The premise is a woman who moves into a building which is so unique in architecture and starts to follow the same footsteps of the last women who lived there.. who died. I felt like this was quite fast-paced and there were so many elements to the story. It jumps between the two women and the ending was really unusual – it could have perhaps needed a bit more explanation to it but otherwise, I really enjoyed this book.

Ordinary People

This is the book which I am currently reading and already, it’s taking a little while to get into. It follows the lives of two couples and the intimacy of their relationships as well as identity, parenthood, sex and grief, friendship and aging. It seems to be quite a cult book that has really good reviews so I’m excited to get properly into it. The chapters are so long on this so it’s not something I can fit into a quick coffee break but otherwise, I’m enjoying the story so far and I have no idea what’s going to happen!

Reasons To Be Cheerful

The next couple of books are on my “to read” pile which includes this one. I was drawn to the book by its title (bad I know!) but I think it’s going to be an uplifting and interesting read. The story followers a young woman who moves from a small village to a city to become an “adult” and I think it touches on just how difficult that journey can be.

The Party

I’m getting more and more into reading thrillers at the moment and as soon as I saw this one, I knew I wanted to read it. A woman awakes in the morning after a party, not remembering a thing with everyone else retelling the night differently with something to hide, she’s determined to find out what happened to her. I think I have an idea of where this book will probably go but I find thrillers quite difficult to guess as you just never know what’s going to happen.

This Could Change Everything

I read a “Maybe This Time” by Jill Mansell last month and I really enjoyed it so I picked this one up too. I find her reads really well thought out and so well written. They’re different from the usual easy “romantic” reads as something complicated always happens. I’m excited to get stuck into this!

That’s everything I want to read this month! What have you read recently that you’d recommend?