My Reading List This Month.

I’ve managed to branch out a bit this month and get some new reads to help me continue my goal this year. I’ve noticed that I also have some variety within my book choices this month too which is unusual for me!

I ventured into my local library recently in pursuit of something new to read. Libraries always seem to intimidate me for some reason but they’re actually really great and I don’t know why I ever stopped going. My dad goes all the time and hasn’t bought any books in years! Part of the reason I purchased my kindle is that I didn’t like buying books (for like £7 or £8 each time!) reading them and then having them laying around all the time so borrowing books is also a great solution to this.

If you follow me on Instagram you will have already heard me chat about these books but I wanted to share what I got on here as well as these are some of my favourite posts, I’m always looking for reading inspiartion.

The Thing About Clare

This is the first book I picked up recently from Amazon (because it was on offer). I haven’t read anything from this author before and it had good reviews. The story follows a dying woman leaving a secret with one of her four children.. you eventually find out that she had an affair. It’s told from the various characters perspectives (including the mums) which makes this book quite interesting but I did find it underwhelming, especially the ending.

Rachel’s Holiday

I’ve read a few books from Marian Keyes before which I have enjoyed and picked this one as it was a 99p find. It’s an Irish read about Rachel who has a drug problem but doesn’t think she has, her family make her go to rehab and it follows her as she goes through it. I enjoyed this one – it felt like it wasn’t a very quick read (my kindle told me it took ten hours!) and I really didn’t like the very very last chapter.. but overall it was interesting and captivating.

Mary Poppins

A classic isn’t it?! I won this copy in a giveaway at one point and I love the cover of it. I realised I had never actually read the book even though the story is such a classic. I never realised how much the story actually differs from the movie. I’m halfway through this as I haven’t made much time for reading recently but it shouldn’t take me too long to finish.

My to-read pile is also getting fairly big at the moment. All of these I have borrowed from the library.

Jog On

I saw the wonderful Alix talk about this in her recent Vlune video so when I saw this in the library I decided to pick it up (influenced!). It’s mainly about one woman’s honest journey on how running helped her anxiety. I think this sounds like a good read and I think it’ll also give me a bit of a push to start running myself.

Also, just a little side note. If I wanted to download this onto my kindle it still would have cost me about £7.99… Whereas I borrowed it from the library completely free of charge (I’m aware librarys aren’t a new thing but I can’t shut up about mine at the moment!).

Everybody Died, So I Got A Dog

This seems like such a heartbreaking book, even from just reading the synopsis so it’s definitely one I’ll be crying along to. I don’t think the book needs much explaining but Emily tragically loses her sister (to cancer, so it’ll be a tough read for me anyway) and also her parents. Then gets a dog which basically saves her. I think this is going to be my next read.

How To Murder Your Life

This one I picked up as we were leaving, it’s about Cat’s life as a glamorous magazine editior.. whilst also being addicted to prescription drugs. I seem to like books about drugs at the moment as I’ve also just read Rachel’s Holiday but I find them genuinely interesting and I think this will be a good read.

I Let You Go

I swear someone I know has read this and possibly told me about it as it seems to be awfully familiar to me (hopefully I haven’t read it before!). It doesn’t really give much away about the plot but I know there’s a female main character and something tragic must have happened. This is a Richard & Judy bestseller and I always find those books to be quite good. I also love the occasional thriller.

Are you a member of your local library? What have you been reading recently?