My Plans For February.​

Well, look at me treating you guys to a new blog post. Honestly, I was doing so well with posting every two days and then we disappeared to London, which left me absolutely exhausted and I kind of failed to post anything after that. I haven’t really been vlogging either and I left out of love with Instagram a bit so honestly, it wasn’t a good month for content from me.

My Bloglovin has finally been updated, there were about ten posts not showing on there so not only did it affect my blog views but it was kind of disappointing. I contacted Bloglovin so many times too, probably since the end of November and they only managed to reply on the last day of Jan… saying that though if you have missed any posts from me, now is the perfect time to catch up.

I’ve been trying my best to just create and let my content change and do what it wants as honestly, I’ve spent too much time in January comparing myself and my photography to others and it’s got to stop. I think it’s always something that is too easy to do but I really need to just create for myself and do what I want to do. There’s becoming inspired by other people but I don’t want to copy anyone. I want people to be able to look at my photos and instantly know it’s mine, as big headed as that sounds!

January seemed to last about three seconds for me although everyone else says it went on forever. It was an okay month but I have some things that I want to achieve in Feb, they’re not goals but just things I want to do more of.

01. In Jan, I read about four books. And that is a lot for me, considering the second half of last year I didn’t manage to read any! I want to continue to do more of this in February. I’m reading some paperback ones that my nan has given me at the moment which makes it a bit more difficult as when Elliot goes to sleep I have no light! Missing my kindle but I’ve been reading some good titles recently. I think reading definitely makes me a better writer as well, does anyone else find that? If you’d be interested in a post about what I’ve been reading recently then let me know!

02. I definitely want to make sure that I’m doing everything I possibly can to support my fellow girls. Because I lost my spark for blogging last month, I kind of stopped reading other peoples blogs and commenting as well. I really want to make sure I set some time aside to read and comment on other peoples blogs as I love reading content and it’s actually quite inspiring for me too. If I’m not following you on bloglovin then let me know as that’s how I mainly read blog posts!

03. This might sound like a bit of a strange thing to want to do more of, but I want to think a little bit more positivity… Some of my hospital appointments got moved from Jan to basically the end of Feb/March and that really got to me, I was worried and annoyed. I think instead I need to look for the positives in a situation as it thinking badly just makes everything worse for myself. This is easier said then done but I think it’s also something that everyone could benefit from.

So, that’s just a few things that I want to focus on this month. It’s, of course, a month full of a lot of birthdays on Elliot’s side of the family and also Vday (which we never normally celebrate). I’ve got other little things going on and some hospital appointments at the end of this month but otherwise it’s fairly quiet.

What are some of your plans this month?