My October Goals.

Hello, October!

Now we’re officially into Autumn, things are going to get cosy around here! The Autumn months can be some of my favourites, but I think the key to surviving the days when the weather is horrible and it’s rained every day for a week is to have a lot of plans and things to look forward to booked in.

That’s something I’m really looking forward to doing over the next couple of months, I love all the Autumn/Winter festivities so I’m going to make the most of this time of year!

01. Elliot has some of his family coming down from Scotland mid-October which he hasn’t seen in years so he’s booked some time off to spend with them. It’ll be the first time I’ve met them so I think we’re going to be making some fun plans, which I think may include going somewhere like Pepper Pig World or Lego Land. I’m hoping the weather stays nice so we can get outdoors with Elliot’s nieces and nephews to tire them out!

02. I’ve really enjoyed letting my creative side take over recently. I’ve DIY-ed some furniture, made a cushion (and hope to make another one soon!) and also made a couple of pumpkins and I’ve helped my mum by hemming some curtains too. I’ve been following some creative tutorials on youtube which are actually quite relaxing, two of my favourite people to watch to get me inspired is Catherine and Chelsey. I would like to gather some foliage and make an Autumn inspired wreath too for the front door, so I’ve been searching Pinterest for inspo!

I think I just want to keep my goals quite short and sweet this month. Going into the colder, darker months after summer is always a shock to the system so whilst I’m planning on doing some fun autumnal activities (like getting creative with my crafts, visiting a pumpkin patch and trying the new Costa Bonfire Spiced Coffee!) I also want to be kind to myself this month and not put too much pressure on getting out and exploring.

I think finding a balance during the winter months that you’re happy with is important. It’s all too easy to just get cosy on the sofa every evening as the weather is crap but pushing yourself to get out of the house even if it’s just for a coffee and a short walk can do wonders for your mental health. I think finding joy in the little things is also a really good way to keep your mind busy come this time of year so I’m really going to be focusing on the small things that I enjoy and that I can treat myself to.

Elliot and I want to get to the cinema a lot over the next month to see some scary films ready for Halloween and I also want to take him to 7 Bone Burger Co as he’s never been and I think their food is amazing, they’ve also got a few more veggie options on they menu now since I last went which I think I need to try…

What are some of your goals for the month ahead?