My November Goals.

My plans for the month ahead…

I am so excited for this time of year. I’m a little late with my November goals this month but in my defense, it was Elliot’s birthday yesterday so we’ve had a busy start to the month celebrating and seeing family. He always says that I can’t get festive or excited for Christmas until his birthday has been so now he’s another year older, I can officially get excited for Christmas now.

I’m sorry to all those people that get a bit annoyed about people talking about Christmas so early… but the build-up to the actual day is the best bit! And this year I don’t have surgeries and other things to worry about that take up most of my thoughts, so I’m hoping to really embrace Christmas!

01. Elliot and I have finally opened up a Help To Buy ISA each. This is something we’ve been meaning to do for a while now but we were waiting until we had more funds to start the account with (as you’re allowed to pay in £1,200 to start with but then ONLY £200 a month after that). They are actually stopping the scheme this month on the 30th so if it’s been something you’ve been meaning to do too, then now is your chance. You only need £1 to open the account and you’ve then got it for ten years. Owning our own property is one of Elliot’s and my biggest goals so I’m quite proud of us for taking this step.

02. I have been loving getting creative recently and this time of year is perfect for DIYs. I am hoping to make a creative, autumnal wreath this year for my parent’s front door, using natural materials that I can gather myself. I’ve included the photo I found for inspo (let me know what you think!). I’m actually quite excited to get started. I think I’ll wait until around December to start it as it’s going to be made out of natural materials, such as fallen, dried leaves and I want it to last for as long as possible.

03. This year, both my and Elliot’s families are switching things up and doing Secret Santa instead of the traditional gifts for everyone. One of Elliot’s brothers is going to Australia for at least the next year so he won’t be here for Christmas and with everything else going on, we thought it would help take the pressure of Christmas away whilst still keeping things fun. My side of the family is doing it too and it’s definitely a fun way to exchange gifts. We’re kind of doing it in couples (as obviously Elliot and I have told each other who we got!) and I’ve been hard at work thinking about what I’m going to get my Secret Santa!

I’ve also been included in this year’s Bloggers Secret Santa by the lovely Casey and I cannot wait to start! I honestly love this time of year as it’s so festive and really brings everyone together. I think Christmas is all I’m going to be talking about for the foreseeable future so apologies in advance.

04. As I’ve mentioned above, Elliot’s brother is going away so he’s very kindly given me one of his plants to look after and I am loving having more greenery in our space. I always say that plants can really change up a space and add so much life. I have our Cheese plant which is thriving at the moment and has just surprised me with a new leaf and now I also have a palm plant which is really nice and big. I love having “floor” plants as you don’t have to worry about having a surface free to put them on and they add a bit of height and interest to an area. It’s currently next to our tv and has lots of new shoots growing.

The only good thing about all the rain recently is that I’ve been able to pop my cheese plant outside for a good watering! I’m careful with this as I have to make sure it doesn’t get too cold but I’m hoping it’ll have lots of new leaves popping up soon. Do you have any houseplant tips?

After dogsitting recently and not being in our own space for a little while and all Elliot’s birthday celebrations it’s safe to say that we are both absolutely exhausted. I’m hoping for a quieter month ahead as I think I’ve been doing too much and burning myself out. I think lots of cosy evenings in are in order!

What are your plans for November?