My New Shower Essential.

AD – This post contains gifted products, with no obligation to post.

Have you ever seen such a fun (but functional!) product? Nuthing is a completely new brand to me but I love the concept behind these products. If you don’t know what they are, they’re a new product that is designed to help you get smooth, soft skin without any irritation. They’re great for people who have sensitive skin and also for intimate areas.

I received three of their Shave & Shower Sorbets to try; their Blue Shimmer Shave & Shower Sorbet in Passionfruit and Blueberry Scent, the Pink Shimmer Shave & Shower Sorbet, in Watermelon and Strawberry and finally, the Yellow Shimmer Shave & Shower Sorbet in Pineapple and Coconut.

I can confirm, that each of these products smell amazing! It’s definitely a little treat, I love using these in the shower each time. My favourite one is probably the Passionfruit and Blueberry scent as it was the first one that caught my eye and smells so lovely. Each scent smells delicious though and there’s a range, so something for everyone.

I’ve been trying these products out now for about a week since they arrived. I’m not someone who shaves every day (because it would irritate my skin.. and there’s no need!) but I have been using them every time I do shave and I’ve very impressed.

With these products, you only need to use a small amount as I’ve found that it goes a long way, however, the product is a liquid and I’ve found that it’s difficult to not take too much at once. You’ve got to be careful when squeezing the product out but this is my only issue, and it’s a minor one.

The Shave & Shower Sorbets contain soothing Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and B5. It’s also a low-foam formula which is better for your skin. I find the product very hydrating and since using it, I haven’t had any irritation.

To use, you should be in a warm shower or bath first, you then massage the Sorbet into your skin, then continue to shave as normal. The Shave & shower sorbets really just act as a normal shaving gel would, however, they add so much more hydration to your skin without any irritation.

I have a little tip for you though. To get a really smooth finish on your underarms (or other areas), pop some shave & shower sorbet on, go with the direction of your hair growth… and then apply a tiny bit more and then go against the direction of your hair. This will get you a really close shave and leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

You can then just wash the Sorbet off as normal. To feel the full benefits, make sure you also exfoliate before shaving (something you should be doing anyway). I love having a long pampering bath and using a scrub before getting myself all smooth… to then normally pop a pair of PJ’s on!

I also tend to use a men’s razor, they always leave my skin lovely and smooth. Make sure you’re changing the head after every third shave though (if not sooner).

I have loved trying out these Shave & Shower Sorbets and they’ve definitely become a staple in my shower routine.

Have you heard of these Nuthing products before? Would you introduce them into your shower routine?