My New Obsession: iDeal of Sweden.

AD – This post contains gifted items.

The wonderful team over at iDeal Of Sweden reached out to me last week offering me the chance to try out some of their phone cases ahead of Black Friday. I love styling my phone and discovering new cases for it so of course, I immediately said yes!

iDeal of Sweden is having the biggest Black Friday Deal (starting Today!) where you can receive 50% off everything on their website and a further 20% off orders over £49 GBP.

I am obsessed with their cases already, not only are they incredibly beautiful, they are such high quality too.

I received the Golden Jade Marble case which is absolutely stunning. It’s not something I think I would have picked out for myself, as I would normally go for something pinker or more golden, however, I absolutely love it and I love that it’s something different for me. This case is part of their Fashion Cases Range (and you can see why!) and it has so much depth to it with the different greens and golds running throughout the case, all finished with the ideals of Sweden branding in gold towards the bottom.

There is so much detail in these phone cases, everything has been so well thought out even down to having extra space to access the buttons on the sides of the phone and the inside of the case having a soft surface.

The Golden Jade Marble Fashion Case really nice to hold in your hand, however, the team also kindly included one of their Magnetic Ring Mounts in the box which I am quite happy about as the case is so smooth I would probably drop it!

I’ve used a pop socket before but never a ring design so I was very excited about this. The whole thing is magnetic which I think is amazing, as normally you stick then on and you can never get them off again! I received the matching Golden Jade Marble Ring Mount which is absolutely perfect and my phone looks so smart with everything matching.

I love the fact that I can completely customise my phone and remove this if needed too or just change the position of it. Again, it is made of incredibly high-quality material and feels really nice to hold in your hand.

I’ve never used such high-quality cases before, I am really impressed. Everything is finished beautifully and there is such good attention to detail.

As I’ve mentioned above, iDeal of Sweden are having a Black Friday Deal this week starting from today (the 25th) where you can get 50% off EVERYTHING and also a further 20% off orders over £49 GBP. This deal is amazing and I really recommend you check out their website, these cases would make amazing Christmas presents!

Have you ordered anything from iDeal of Sweden before? What do you think of my new phone case?